The Olive Branch Inn

The Olive Branch Inn has recently been sold to new owners Jordan & Alison Udall and is now operating as The Lindley House.

For reservations, please visit their new website at The Lindley House!

Once small and unnoticeable, this city has become one of a kind

A city of sights, a city of passion and a city of history, a city like this can only be linked to one; Bozeman, Montana of the United States.
It is nestled in the southwestern part of the USA, with a growing population it has become a city that many have come to love.
Every ten years sees the city grow in numbers, it is a population that welcomes many and now as the fourth largest city in the state of Montana it has grabbed the attention of tourists and city dwellers alike.
Like many cities across the United States they are named after their founders, and Bozeman is no different. Founded in 1864 by John M. Bozeman as a small quaint town it slowly grew and expanded into the city we know and love today. The once small town of only 160 people has now more than 45,000 individuals living and thriving in this micro-politan area.
During the early 1880’s the town became incorporated with a city council which has progressed it into the current 21st Century city of today, it is an All-American city a place that is proud and dedicated to their country.

Why you should find make this your next stop on your bucket list

As one of the United State’s most promising and thriving cities it is home to some of the most well-known surroundings, such as the Montana State University, the Yellowstone International Airport and of course its very popular Bozeman Daily Chronicle local newspaper. It has become a city which has been linked with the phrase dream town, because its location offers a better quality of life for its inhabitants and provides tourists with the opportunities to explore and venture into something completely different. The city is surrounded by a sea of mountains, from high up in the air, to low on the ground you can see why many want to migrate to a city full of such beauty. As a popular city of Montana its local culture is more than enough to draw you in – its community spirit and its local symphony and ballet are but a few amenities that make it a noticeable place to live.

It’s a dream town for us all

It is true that as each year passes the city sees a growth in tourists, through both skiing and marathon runner seasons it is happy to accommodate all. It isn’t just a city full of beauty but once which is driven by passion for success in both sports and business. Throughout the United States, Bozeman is known for having the most enticing half marathon event that takes place on St. Patrick’s Day each year. Its popularity has seen growth unlike any other event, it’s less about the time it takes for you to complete the course and focuses more on the elaborate costumes that runners design to take part – sometimes it isn’t always about the physical elements of an event and more about the spirit of taking part.
As a city full of warm summer days and mild winters it is no wonder that many find themselves returning more than once to the dream town.

Services during your stay

The Lindley House, formerly The Olive Branch Inn, is a Bed and Breakfast in Downtown Bozeman. For further information regarding the service, please visit the new Website.

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All good things come to an end – and we would like to thank all our guests who stayed at The Olive Branch Inn during our time. The journey however continues under the name of “The Lindley House”. Since this Website still receives new visitors every month, we leave this page up so anyone could see that the House is now operated by the Udall family.


I would highly recommend anyone to stay at this Bed and Breakfast. During my stay in 2009 I had the pleasure to stay in one of the most beautiful hotels of the city. I can only imagine that it is even better today since the Udalls renovated the building and replaced old furniture.

When I was traveling the US in 2014, I stopped in Montana to visit my aunt who lives there. While in Bozeman, I stayed at the former Olive Branch Inn and loved it. I will gladly advise anyone to get in contact with the new owners to book your stay.


Eduardo was a lovely host and the mansion is probably one of the most beautiful houses in town. I’ll definitely stop by with the new owners when I am in the area.

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