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Add these nude events to your RTW trip by signing up today for Plan Your RTW Trip in 0 Days. Warning: as the title would suggest, some of the pictures in this article show mild nudity and may not be safe for work. You really are a sane and normal human being. To feel the sun and air unfiltered through the shackles of fabric, to celebrate the fact that you are a living, breathing, dying, animal without shame, without being controlled by societal rules, without the hot rush of embarrassment that invades you if you so much as get caught with your fly open? Ever felt the need to strip it all off and run naked and screaming through the streets without being chased by the police?

from Thomas Lundy of Lundoxia.

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Read the article about this by U. This film is by far most played in the U. as all my Vimeo pieces! Notice the absence of Denmark and Iceland given this film was made in a Nordic state; where is the Danish i. Introducing "Slow Hypnosis Cinema": shoot your film, assemble all the shot footage in chronological order without editing out anything.

No special effects, just filming whatever it is in a Spartan fashion!

  At the head of this piece is Helsinki about 1km from Finnish Parliament, temporary Mongolian Yurts were set up lakeside with a traditional log fire sauna in one of them (in which the men were nude but not the women!), courtesy Don McCracken, see his site at Thomas Lundy of Lundoxia   In a lot of ways, the 5K I ran on Saturday was like any other race: The tall, skinny guys zipped out front, fast. Spectators rang cowbells. I heard the "Rocky" theme twice along the course Begun in by two high school students and originally popular with hippies, the festival has since expanded into the mainstream European youth market and still managed to maintain a bit of that free love vibe, evident in its clothing-optional policy and yearly nude race, held since

This annual nude run is held in the Finnish locality of Padasjoki nearby Lahti, founded by Aarne Heino in nakukymppi. This film has been played in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Vietnam, Mongolia, Nepal and Kenya!

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They are the first twins of NASCAR and two of some of the hottest women in motorsports. Being identical and attractive, Amber Cope and Angela Cope come from a racing background in the North West, have naturally grown popular, beginning a trending irresistibly that men cannot get enough of.

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The twins are also the first to race together in NASCAR's top three series, with the personal mentoring from their legendary racing uncle, Derrike Cope. More recently, the beautiful Angela has driven in many more races, including the Nationwide series.

But before we begin, for years there have been male race car drivers who've been considered hunks, studs, hot, dreamboats, or matinee idols, depending upon your age and era. So it is with no reluctance that we've identified the most beautiful women in motorsports   yes wrong not sure this is a very sexy jogging contestAuthor: video tunnel

Amber, however, has raced much less than her sister. Nonetheless, the twins are still sending audiences wild with both their talent and undeniably good looks.

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The gorgeous Milka Duno has scored many class wins and overall wins in sports car racing and has been an unquestionable beauty in the world of sports car racing. The Venezuelan 4 year old is a former model and current part time IndyCar driver. She is also the first ever Latin American female driver to be compete in the NASCAR national series. Duno has featured on endless covers of magazines all over the world and proved exactly how attractive she can be after showing the world of motorsports that she is definite force on the track.

She is the most successful Scottish race driver in her time and the fourth woman to ever drive a Formula One car, while also being one of the sexiest women the world of motorsports has ever seen. Susie Wolff has powered through the ranks of the racing world, competing in the Formula Renault, Formula Three and DTM series, where she competed for Mercedes- Benz.

Apart from being a daring force on the track, Wolff became a development driver in for a Formula One racing team, owned partly by her husband.

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Samantha Sarcinella is one of the hottest women in motorsports, which can be an irritating trait as she is married one of the most hated drivers in NASCAR. Wife of established racer, Kyle Busch, Sarcinella is believed to be the newest face of NASCAR and continues to use her modelling experience and obvious good looks to dominate the driving scene and turn heads in every direction.

Sarcinella works closely alongside her husband at Kyle Busch Motorsports and involves herself in daily operation of the business. She is also heavily influential in KBM's social media strategy and plays a significant part in the fundraising of Kyle Busch Foundation.

Needless to say, Busch is one lucky man. Wife of NASCAR driver, Jeff Gordon, Ingrid Vanderbosch is a gorgeous model and actress. Married into the list, Vanderbosch wedded the NASCAR legend in a private ceremony in in Mexico and has since been turning heads at every track her husband competes.

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She has modelled since in the Netherlands and Paris and has since been the face of some of the most successful brand names in the world, such as Chrisitan Dior, Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue and -, and showed off her extremely sexy body in a Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated.

Not only is Jessica Barton a successful and talented drag-racer, she also flaunts her professions as a model, actress and TV Host.

  The race begins As I turned the corner toward said starting line, a wall of bright-white skin and ass cracks blocked the road. The ratio was about two to one, men to women Author: Matt Meltzer   She is the most successful Scottish race driver in her time and the fourth woman to ever drive a Formula One car, while also being one of the sexiest women the world of motorsports has ever seen. Susie Wolff has powered through the ranks of the racing world, competing in the Formula Renault, Formula Three and DTM series, where she competed for Mercedes- Benz The history of nudity involves social attitudes to nakedness of the human body in different cultures in history. The use of clothing to cover the body is one of the changes that mark the end of the Neolithic, and the beginning of civilizations. Nudity (or near-complete nudity) has traditionally been the social norm for both men and women in some hunter-gatherer cultures in warm climates and it

Along with her extremely attractive efforts in racing, Barton has also done pictorials for FHM, Modified and many special editions of Playboy. Although the racing beauty has featured on the covers of publications such as Show, Axis, Makes and Models, Superstreet and Supreme, Barton is mostly known for her street legal Toyota Supra, in which she beat Nissan Skylines and Lamborghinis during the TX2K12 event at Lone star Motorsports Park, pulling a whopping horsepower of Although Portugal sees Madalena Antas merely as another female race-car river in the crowd, in America she is viewed as one of the most attractive female racers in the wide world of motorsports.

Antas has competed and excelled in the Dakar rally and many other rally events. Following in the footsteps of late mother and motorsports extraordinaire, Teresa Cupertino De Miranda, the 5 year old can travel through dirt and dust in Nissan pickups and SUV's at mph and flaunt her stunning body in men's magazines, looking just as feminine as any other.

I am a sports, writing and coffee enthusiast who knows that sport is so much more than simply winning a race and writing isn't just a mere phrase written to sound good. By the way, I was killing it at this point, in case you were wondering. Two miles in and I was on a pace that's killing it when you weigh It was also at this point that I started to hear the grunting.

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You know how there's always that one dude at the gym who sounds like he's either having an orgasm or pulling the space shuttle every time he does a set of biceps curls? And running behind you.

Nude women in race

I like to think I'm pretty comfortable with my sexuality, but when a sweaty naked dude is chasing you and making orgasm noises, you run a little faster. It's instinct.

Needless to say, I turned on the afterburners and put some distance between myself and Grunting Gus. All the while grabbing water from naked volunteers along the route and basking in the ers of naked residents sitting on their aforementioned front pors. One lady, who I strangely saw twice, even looked at me and quipped, "Nice satl.

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thank you? I'm not even sure what that was supposed to mean. The big finish Around mile two-and-a-half the heat began to take its toll. Not so much on my legs, but more on the skin between my thighs.

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Yeah, the chafing got REAL. In a clothed race, you typically don't need chafing cream unless you're running more than a 10K. Definitely not the case in naked racing.

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I slowed up a little hoping to reduce the friction. But then I heard it again.

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And I'll be damned if I didn't work the whole race avoiding Grunting Gus, just to let him pass me at the finish. No chance.

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So I kicked up an extra burst of speed, raced across the finish line, and dumped an ice-cold bottle of water over my entire body. Shrinkage be damned. I didn't PR the naked 5K, but that was OK with me. Sure, the top finishers won a lovely bottle of wine each, but this wasn't a race you did for time.

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