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10 things you did not know about Montana

1. Fort Keogh holds the record for the largest snowflake ever observed, which was an astounding 15 inches in diameter.

2. There are more cattle in Montana than there are people.

3. On Highway 59, south of Miles City, Harry Landers has topped almost 1 mile of his fence posts with over 300 boots.

4. Popular american daredevil Evil Knievel was from Montana!

5. ┬áThe O’Fallon Museum in Baker boasts the largest steer in the world. Steer Montana. He grew to be nealry six feet tall and weighed 3190 Pounds.

6. Montana was the site of the first placement of the Gideon bible in a hotel room.

7. The Museum of the Rockies is home to 13 T-Rex specimens, more than anywhere else in the world.

8. In 1888, more millionaires per capita were livin in Helena than in any other city in the world. Most made their fortunes off of Gold.

9. Montana is the 4th largest state in the US, by area.

10. Montana is only the 44th most populated state in the US.