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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Skull Grunts are Fucking Gross 2. Mallow is Also Fucking Gross . Professor Juniper is Likewise Fucking Gross 4. Hilda is Furthermore Fucking Gross 5.

Guys, no one's bashing Diamond and Pearl. I prefer other seasons, but we all have our own favorites. I don't hate Dawn, but in my humble opinion, she bore too many similarities to May, which causes me to rank her a bit lower.

If you disagree, that's fine-but kindly remember to respect the opinions of others. Come on its a competition of best pokegirl not a beauty contest hate you serena. other girls are more active,more focused and more intellegent than her Serena is horrible.

Play the best free pokemon dress up games for Girls On theolivebranchinn.com! New pokemon dress up games are added daily! Have fun with the pokemon dress up games! The following is a list of female characters appearing in any Pokemon media. Trending pages. Jessie; Serena (anime) Chloe Cerise; Misty (anime) Dawn (anime) Pokemon Girls get Fucking Gross SexTheHex. Chapter 2: Mallow is Also Fucking Gross Summary: Mallow breaks away from hosting the Grass Trial to enjoy herself for just a moment. That moment soon turns into a life altering experience that gives Mallow a pretty disgusting new look

she cares more about fashion than pokemon. misty deserves to be on top.

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or iris. dont go by looks-serena is a horrible trainer. in my opinion sarena was the best pokegirl. but dawn should not be in last position. she should be in 2nd or rd position. i realy hate dawn but dawn is one of the best pokegirl after sarena and may in my opinion. I like Misty most but I hate Serena she was not very powerful opponent in pokemon xy she only look cute. I like only Misty really.

I don't understand why peoples hate misty she just hate bugs everyone hates atleast one thing in life misty also and if you doesn't hate anything than i can say that you are like PHAT. I know that you are a amourshipper and you will never let anyone top from her but it doesn't mean that you will say that other pokegirls are not good they have their own personality.

Serena is the best. Sure, she's girly and has a crush on Ash. But she's the only one who actually KISSED Ash. You heard me. Go search it up and search uncensored serena kissing ash. She's this authors favorite cause she's kind, nice, and really compassionate. So don't hate. Actually i hate only serena her look is most beautiful than other pokegirls but she is boring,annowing,girly,and the most hated thing about her is that she has a stupid crush on Ash.

Ash helped her because she needed it but if there would be any other pokegirl instead her than she would just thank him and be friend with him I cant really explained well for me I would rather pick Serena because in the series of pokemon xy Serena and ash meet there were child in the professor oak summer and after Serena hurt is toe or knee well ash managed to help Serena out to cure his broken knee and Serena felt shock because he was help by ash and I didn't know that Serena has a huge crush on ash.

Misty is best for ash and me alsoshe is perfect for everything all love misty than Serena. Serena worst ever.

Couldn't have agreed more better Jeremy. That list was perfect!

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Although Dawn is my fav pokegirl, I kind of agree having Serena on the top. mainly because I am a hardcore amourshipper! BTW for those Serena and Dawn haters, SWAMPERT SMASH!!!! I dont hate her but i dislike her character, she threads bug pokemons like trash and is obsessed by it. They have a heart and soul too.

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As a gym leader she totally missed her duty and job and is the worst gym leader ever. Why iris? Because shes the fucking 8th gym leader and a dragon trainer too but cant grow up a little axew as a normal trainer and train with it very effective, but shes a nice girl and has at least a good personallity and respects everyone and trys to be on others place Not like that precious miss misty.

Haruka is from all pokegirls the best, she is strong, smart, careful, calm and respects at least bug pokemons : hehe. At the start she said she dont like really pokemon but after a few episodes she growd very quickly with experiences, i have nothing to say against her, shes perfect and really strong, she definetily can take her dads place as a gym leader. Why serena? Ps: bug isnt my fav typ grass is my fav typi just hate it how bugs is disgusted by miss precious.

I feel really sad for them. Dawn, i may not have watd the DP series but in BW i can tell that she has been a great friend to ash and that he supports her whenever she is nervous.

May, at one point i couldn't decide between may or dawn but then i remembered that may looked luke more interested in drew and drew gave her roses, helped her a few times and she is the only coordinator he has respect for.

Iris, she doen't really like ash much and keeps teasing him saying that he is a little kid. As in orange generation in Pokemon we have seen that when Misty was going to Dany at the top of the mountain Ash fall down and that shows that he was very sad to see that Misty first don't ask about ash.

Also in orange generation when Rudy said that this match I will win for only the girl who I like misty then Ash said in anger it's very good. When Ash has gone to catch a ghost Pokemon in lavender town the Gastly ,Haunter and Gengar take out the spirit of Ash and Pikachu and fly high it and he decided to make some fun with Misty and when he do it Misty was very tenson about Ash and it shows how it cares for it and and Ash also care for Misty and said to the ghost Pokemon to leave to his body and when Ash open his eyes he sees Misty and call her first and Misty rubs her head and smiles it shows that how they care for each other.

At the last episode of the x and y Serena kisses Ash and in lips but there should be red lines on below in his eyes that shows that they love each other but it was not there and Ash only loves Misty. Misty is the best girl for Ash and also Misty cares a lot for Ash and Ash too.

Look I think Ash should just ship with all of them I mean ain't we supposed to catch them all. I LOVE SERENA I have only watd the one series and she is great but you forgot one companion and that is the girl from sun and moon I forget her name since I haven't watd the series but I have played the hole moon game so yah I still think Serena is the best and that she should admit her feelings to ash and one more thing I plan to be in the Pokemon anime if that is even possible lol I want to be a new friend of Serena's named valerie I'M A CRAZY PERSON AREN'T I LIKE SERIOUSLY I WANT TO BE IN THE POKEMON ANIME LIKE WHO DOESN'T THOUGHT IT'S THE BEST FREAKING SHOW ON EARTH AM I RIGHT LOL.

I prefer serena because she has such a strong crush and yes it sounds stupid that she just left the house to see a boy but she is ash s forever childhood friend and I feel it in my heart that they are meant to be. I feel some of you prefer misty dawn or may but serena is special to Pokemon and we can tell that ash likes her and I hope she returns to the sun and moon series fingers crossed.

Serena I just don't like her okay! don't kill meh I'll tell you why bellow I guess. The reason I don't like Serena that much is that much is that she's obsessed with Ash. I mean, that makes sense I guess. The other reason is that like almost half of her fans like her because of her looks. Like seriously. Another you guys think these are bad reasons.

WELL I DONT CARE is that I feel like the writers of der anime is giving her to MUCH attention. You guys are like but that's a GOOD thing!

I guess. but they're making the other poke girls look like trash. Plus she's like a clone of Dawn and amoura shippers and also everyone else, don't you think that the ship is getting like pushed to much I mean that was like the only ship that is i guess cannon Anyway this is MINE OPPINION and you can't change it. I'll probably like Serena someday but you can't make me like her. And your probably like: oh so this must a poke shipper.

WELL YOU'RE WRONG IMMA PALLET SHIPPER XD!!! Anyway sorry to all those Serena fans, I just don't like her and at least she's in fourth in MY list and not fifth sorry to Iris fans I hope you all have a good day and thank you for reading this :. i agree serena is the best because pokemon xy was the first and fav show and serena is kinda like me and i dont really care about the shipping because serena kissed Ash so that is one other reason i like her and she is just amazing my 2nd is bonnie my rd is iris my 4th is misty and and 5th is from the new show pokemon sun and moon lilly.

Misty Misty she is Ash's first crush and ash always keeps the lure with him which was given to him by Misty when brock left to ash and misty they wetre caught in a cage by team rocket when team rocket say that brock was missing then they thought they were couples and ash n misty looked at each other and got blushed and refused it this tells that they feelingfor each other.

Lol abstained from voting? Because misty lost? Loooool suckers, misty sucks! Serena is good, but im not a fanboy. Apart from Misty, none of Ash's female companions had staying power and thus ended up being forgettable and forgotten. May had potential, but it was wasted when after failing as a trainer, she ended up being a coordinator instead.

I am so used to the golden days with Ash, Brock and Misty i just can't like any other PokeGirl. But seriously, Serena is just umbearable. She is dumb, snob, annoying, useless, clearly has zero goals, adds nothing to the series, and she's a stereotype of girls. I don't really like Serena for the same reasons as 'Anon' and May and Dawn are basically the same in my book Heaps of the lists have them tied hint hint. May has a bit more development than Dawn so I'd probably put her above Dawn if I had to but I don't have to.

She feels like fanservice because people have wanted someone to have a canon crush on Ash for so longg. The removal of Misty was disappointing to me, and finding out about it from Japan while watching Johto made me not want to finish Johto, but the real reason I never finished Johto was that after about episode the series really started to diminish in quality.

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I think Misty not winning the Whirl Cup in Johto was the thing that really annoyed me, and probably all Misty fans; especially, in light of Ash a complete joke and novice of a trainer winning the Orange League. The series' biggest flaw is the battling, because there is no consistency or logic behind it. At least in Kanto many of Ash's gym wins were explained to be out of pity and dumb luck. Every fan has certainly been annoyed every time one of Ash's pokemon takes over ten hits and then beats the opponent's pokemon with one direct hit, or Ash's pokemon dodges everything.

Making Ash's pokemon Mary Sues was very stupid on the writers' part.

HEY!! Come On!! Let's reach 1k Suscribers Follow me on Istagram ??theolivebranchinn.com Link of Pokemon Girls Hunter??htt Pokemon Girls get Fucking Gross SexTheHex. Summary: A biological disaster brings the advent of an apocalyptic virus that turns people into reality defying ultra gross weirdos! This series is absolutely no holds barred scat insanity not for the faint of heart. You've been warned! As in orange generation in Pokemon we have seen that when Misty was going to Dany at the top of the mountain Ash fall down and that shows that he was very sad to see that Misty first don't ask about theolivebranchinn.com in orange generation when Rudy said that this match I will win for only the girl who I like (misty) then Ash said in anger it's very theolivebranchinn.com Ash has gone to catch a ghost Pokemon in Author: Jeremy Gill

The series as a whole would have had better longevity, and have been a better compliment to the games, if Ash's pokemon skills matd someone like Gary Oak, who actually cats the pokemon he encounters, and whose pokemon seem evolved and experienced enough to beat each gym.

Hmm, interesting list - You made some interesting points, although I think there's a few things to add:. Plus while the writers were trying to do something different, her background and goals are all very vague, and while we see her go after them, there's nothing real tangable to say where she's going, aside from becoming better.

All in all, there's no real reason for her to be there. Her real strength though is her love for Pokemon, which really shines through at different points. Heck if anyone needs to replace Ash as the year-old main character, then Bonnie's a good candidate. I do have a couple of very slight issues though. Firstly the English VA is terrible for her. Secondly the start of the series didn't play out very well for her.

She started off as just as a sideline character, much like Misty. While there's nothing wrong with that, it does make her one of the less focused characters. She becomes the new rookie of the journey; the person new to everything so that newcomers can learn about the series.

They gave her her own episode a the start just so that we could be introduced to things, and in that sense she becomes the main character, allowing Ash to have a rougher storyline that doesn't reset. This presents probably the best dynamic of the series because her and Ash don't have to fight for space. While she is just as big a character as Ash, she never pulls him away from his dream and they often learn from each other and whatnot - They have great mistry, from both having really headstrong, determined characters.

Find the perfect Pokemon Girl stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Pokemon Girl of the highest quality Pokemon trough all seasons and games has presented awesome female characters which we have enjoyed countless times. For this post we show you our favorite and most sexy female characters and more. Sabrina. Sabrina is a fictional character in the Pokemon universe as the gym leader of the Saffron City Gym who specializes in psychic type 1 Misty Misty, known as Kasumi in Japan, is a character in the Pokemon franchise owned by Nintendo and created by Satoshi Tajiri. She's the gym leader in Cerulean city & specializes in water Pokemon. In the games, she's known as 'the tomboy mermaid.' read more. Misty cares a lot about ash but that does not mean because serena also then we do not need to compare girl

i hate misty, im re watching the anime form the very beginning and shes awful, she barely battles, half of the time all she does is insult ash or brock or starts to hurt the feelings of pokemon around her and even when she's told she's hurting their feelings she doesnt care. She tells ash how to be a better trainer or how bad hes doing but she has no right when she doesnt fight with her pokemon or train them the majority of the time during the series and then during johto all she does is look after togepi while still commenting on what ash does and even then she only got togepi because when it was hatching she snatd it off ash and so then she was the first thing togepi saw.

i find myself just calling her a bit of a bitch half of the time because she isnt even helpful, not even during the team rocket battles, i dont understand why people think shes the best.

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Misty - Original Pokegirl but she didn't really do anything or changed much at all over the course of her journery with Ash. She began stalking him for a bike than forgot about it and became Ash's Co-Mentor alongside Brock but once Togepi came along she didn't do much. Ash had shown improvement from Kanto to Johto in terms of his skills as a trainer and didn't need her or Brock to hold his hand anymore.

So without the mentor role she didn't do a lot and was pretty much just there like a piece of furniture. She didn't work on her goal of being a Water Pokemon master much.

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She started off strong but got stale after a while. She may be the original Pokegirl but nostalgia can't save Misty here. Bonnie : She's actually developed and mature really well over the course of XY Z.

Plus she's adorable and that Brock-Esques Running Gag of hers is a combination of cute and hilarious.

Dawn or May - I'll start with May: She started as a bit of a selfish character not even liking Pokemon and using them as an excuse to travel the world, but she found coordinating along the way. She was inexperienced and naive and a bit selfish like I said but she grew into a good trainer in her own right, better coordinator, and wound up adoring Pokemon when her travels with Ash ended.

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Plus I like the dynamic she had with Ash forming a strong Student-Mentor bond with him. Dawn or May: She already knew what she wanted to do and had lots of confidence to do so which ultimately caused her defeat at two separate contest back to back which shook up her confidence and made her skip a contest or two I believe. Afterwards she changed up her entire approach to contest and ultimately found greater success than May ever did as a coordinator.

Dawn's dynamic with Ash is probably my favorite of Ash and all of the other Pokegirls. I loved how they were best friends or having a relationship akin to that twin siblings. Serena - I can't say enough good things about her.

There's more to Serena than a girl who has a crush on Ash. At first before finding her goal she didn't much aside from try to get Ash's attention but after deciding to be a performer she's shown more character development than most of the other girls that have traveled with Ash.

I know I said the dynamic of Ash and Dawn is my favorite of the Pokegirls but I think Serena ties with Dawn for my favorite dynamic a Pokegirl has with Ash. Not because I ship the two Admittedly I'm a HUGE amourshipper and I'm proud to be!!

Imo the relationship of Ash and Serena is imo the most heartwarming of the girls and Ash. I love their interactions how they motivate each other to go the extra mile: Ash is Serena's prime inspiration and his never give attitude was instilled into her and has saved her from defeat multiple times or it gave her strength to press on forward. Serena has been a key motivator for Ash this time around and does seem to motivate Ash more than previous girls did. Alexa outright said Serena was an unexpected source of inspiration Ash needed to get him going after he was defeated by Viola.

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At that point he was questioning how he would defeat her and seemed to be on the break of giving up but Serena TWICE motivated him enough to win that battle, again with Korrina, and more recently with Wulfric where the one and only argument they had took a big toll on them both but ultimately snapped Ash out of the worst depression he's ever been in and helped him remember why he REALLY became a trainer than master Ash-Greninja since their argument helped clear his head of all the negativity he had dwelling in it at the time.

Serena is my favorite Pokegirl hands down. Zad, I think in the long term, more fans would have stayed with the show if they'd kept her. But we can agree to disagree. Why do you keep saying a lot of fans left when Misty did?

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The reason the writers permamently dropped Misty and didn't bring her back is exactly because the majority of the fandom didn't care. May was more popular than Misty a decade ago, and that's why Misty was gradually phased out. You really think the writers would have given Misty such an early permanent departure in the show if people wanted her back over May like Brock over Tracey?

Of course not. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Skull Grunts are Fucking Gross 2. Mallow is Also Fucking Gross. Professor Juniper is Likewise Fucking Gross 4. Hilda is Furthermore Fucking Gross 5. Skyla is Additionally Fucking Gross 6. Mallows Get Even Grosser 7. Nurse Joy is as well Fucking Gross. Mallow breaks away from hosting the Grass Trial to enjoy herself for just a moment. That moment soon turns into a life altering experience that gives Mallow a pretty disgusting new look.

Got it? Mallow was relieved once the handsome foreign trainer was out of her sight. That boy just had an air of charm to him that just drove Mallow wild!

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Mallow dove into the thicket of bushes and plants, making her way to a little indented clearing in the forest no one seemed to ever visit. This was her favorite spot to come and relax whenever she got too bored on the job. Her index finger dragged the little nub in slow circles as a fantasy about that handsome trainer started to brew in her head. Oh gosh, how scandalous! Mallow worked with that fantasy for this session, imagining what the strong cute guy might do to her against a tall tree.

She withdrew her hand out of her pants as quickly as she could to seem presentable. You remember me at all? Remember Jenny? With lightning speed, Jenny had somehow done an about face and slammed her fat ass down onto the poor Alolan girl! It was like a sucker punch to the face, if a sucker punch was also cushioned by a fat slab of ass flesh pressed between skimpy daisy dukes. Mallow was shot to the ground, shifting from sitting on her rear to laid flat on the ground in a burst of agility that honestly should have broken her neck.

Mallow could hardly perceive what was going on. After enjoying her Alolan pillow for a moment, Jenny took to getting to the main event. She raised her ass back off the ground, though Mallows face was hardly freed from the confined between her asseks.

Jenny was effectively midway through a squat with a pretty 19 year old Alolan girl pinned against her exit. Jenny was going to enjoy this. She had these insatiable desires that felt completely unquenchable and she was about to scratch that itch for the first time! She giggled just a little. This poor girl.

She was going to ruin this poor girl to be just like her! Then, without any warning, not so much as another grumble or a fart warning of what was to come, it began. Arm-thick ropes of solid waste came thrashing out of Jenny at a velocity that made it a borderline lethal projectiles.

There was no soiling her pants or having the mess flood out the leg holes. The enormous stream of shit simply ripped right through her short shorts to Mallows lips. It was as if someone had stopped and resumed time. One moment she was sunk into the ass of this punk girl, the next she felt her stomach distending and her throat straightening out to contain the gargantuan amount of shit that was suddenly stuffing her system.

For a moment, her life flashed before her eyes as she wondered if this was the end. But then, suddenly, that anxiety left her. Instead her eyes flashed a bright green and she felt every hint of anxiety and worry steam out her ears through her boiling brain.

Mallow chilled out. Somehow Mallow was consuming more shit than her entire body mass very well. She felt her stomach get fuller and fuller and felt the weight of dozens of pounds of shit inside her, but somehow, there was hardly any visual distinction as to what was happening.

Her rump felt a little strange and her stomach was bulging slightly sure, but her stomach ought to be the size of a Snorlax ingesting so much waste. Still, it worried Mallow not. Thirty minutes. Thirty minutes of this later and Jenny was still going.

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When the flow finally stopped, Mallow looked a little confused. She still looked like a human being. Not at all like someone who had just devoured several thousand cubic feet of shit for the last thirty minutes. Her stomach was distended and large, but it was no worse than a seven month pregnant belly bulge. Her thighs had grown too. Her fit and spry legs were gone, replaced with heavy thick thighs built to support her new weight.

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Her mostly flat st had bloomed into one stretching her apron tight enough to be uncomfortable. And her ass. Good lord, her ass had turned into a massive smackable rump just begging to be jostled! Once Mallow got a feel for the new her, she turned to thank her assaulter for the meal.

Her attempt to speak came out as an unstoppable burp that had the space between the two of them hazing green. After four more attempts to speak ending in more and more uncontrollable belching, Mallow finally got out a word.

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It seems she was too preoccupied by her burping fit to notice. Indeed, her mind was starting to perceive such an ordinary sensation as something magically sexual. A loud belch was now the delightfully enjoyable sensation of gas suddenly filling every crevice of her esophagus and forcing itself out violently and uncontrollably like a thrusting cock, in the mind of Mallow. But among her horny gas releases, a semblance of thought prodded at her mind.

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There was still a trial goer attending to her challenge! She ought to ck on him and make sure everything was going fine! The moment Mallow took a step forward, her tight shorts tore apart. A second step and her gut was spurred into a fit. Mallow felt her own near endless gargantuan release of shit begin. For a second she stopped and looked annoyed.

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