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After a long day of battles, Nessa had finished up the day? but this day was special for a different reason besides winning more than the usual number of battles. She was going to go over to her girlfriend Marnie?s hotel room, just to relax with her before the punk moved on to the next city. Walking up to the hotel room door, she takes a quick knock, making a cute little pattern with the bangs.

In her hand she had seafood platters for the two to eat as they cuddled. Marnie opened the door. The black-haired girl covers her face and motions for Nessa to come inside.

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The dark-type trainer shyly sits a few feet away from Nessa, prompting her to look at the girl with a frown. Cuddle up with me? I missed you. Marnie was looking? downwards towards her ebony feet, smooth and slender. About a size nine, they sweated slightly and had a wonderful sky blue nail polish on them, matching her hair.

I will be back soon and challenge you again! Don't take too long though. The Champion is just as eager as I am! She is quick to resume training her pokemon in the tall grass outside.

With just a little more training she'll surely be able to beat Karen, and by that win herself some time at her feet!

Pokemon Girls Feet

You really don't have it easy with me. For that, it deserves some time off. Which is why she decides to have it rest at a pokemon center, before heading out to train again instead of sleeping despite how dark it is. While training her other pokemon out on the field in the night through battling wild pokemon, she even cats a new member to her team. And after that she's ready to return to the pokemon center to pick up her Flareon and get some much needed rest.

Just then she hears the hissing of an Arbok behind her. Turning around, she sees it's not a wild one but instead it belongs to Ariana, who has once again managed to seek her out. She hoped she wouldn't encounter the woman who saw her looking all messy after Clair's domination ever again. And it seems weird to her that she would meet her in the fields in the middle of the night. Azura wins the battle rather easily, and for the first time she gives the woman a smile after her victory. Ariana returns the smile and compliments her, "Impressive!

You're very good at pokemon battling! I know what was on your head when we last met didn't come from tripping. It had the clear shape of a footprint, and lately many gym leaders all around this and neighboring regions have been forcing challengers at their feet She's scared her fetish might be revealed now as well. We can bring an end to the terrible reign of the gym leaders together!

And as she slowly opens her hand, she reveals a black badge with a red "R" on it. That's when Azura realizes what is going on.

And you would be a valuable addition to the team.

gradually. This phrase

Please, consider joining me! Team Rocket was never that evil organization they are portrayed as. Together we can rebuild it to be even better and show the world the truth! Even if that was true, the answer is still no," She says ever so defiant.

Don't you see the gym leaders are abusing their power? I still got my badges after all! that Clair made you go through hell! I know what she did to you! Ariana's warm smile is now entirely gone and replaced by a cold stare.

Arbok moves sideways to avoid the rock, but then keeps chasing at her. She finally gets a pokeball and drops it on the ground, not even knowing which one it is but rather just needing at least one to protest herself.

It's none other than her favorite pokemon Azumarill, getting in front of her to protect its trainer from the attack of the snake pokemon. But Ariana keeps enough distance as to not let the wave of water caused by Surf hit her, and Arbok fights on after being hit using Sludge Bomb.

Azura smirks, recalling her Azumarill giggling. She assumes now that her opponent is unable to move, this fight must be over. Although it turns out she is crossing too soon as now Ariana herself is moving in, pushing her to the ground with a knock to the head. Ariana giggles as she opens her boots. She leaves her no choice though as Ariana's foot crashes down on her face in a heavy stomp. Immediately she notices from its smell and feel that foot hygiene isn't a top priority of the villainess.

Which of course makes Azura cough and gag a little as she squirms underneath the bare foot. The woman towering over her smiles as she grabs her nose between her toes.

And Azura then gags from the awful scent, squirming underneath her trying to escape from her. Ariana's foot is planted on her face on her in a way to make her feel her full weight, and thanks to her taller size, she's a good bit heavier than Clair was.

Which makes Azura feel more and more, to put it midly, upset, not wanting her journey to end under the feet of a Team Rocket leader. Is this how you want things to be?

She begins to groan feeling a little bit of pain from the grinding as she tries to get the foot off of her.

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It feels as if her head might get squished from how much weight the cruel lady is pushing on it with her foot. And even more embarrassingly, if this was anyone else, she likely would be kissing and licking all over her feet right now.

Ariana slowly moves her foot across her face, rubbing off some sweat in the process and giggling mischievously. Which only makes her gag more in disgust. Despite her fetish, which she has kept hidden from her, she is still feeling anything but pleasure. And she then obeys, although not out of submissiveness but rather a plan she has hatd.

My interests include history and mythology research of legendary Pokemon. Oh! And I really like ice cream. My Foot Size Is a Size What Are Your Thoughts On The Various Pics And Fics Of Your Feet On The Internet? Cynthia: I don't see a lot out there. Yet, I do see a few once in awhile and, wow - I had no idea my feet seduced so many people And while her sisters are using Azura as their foot toy, Daisy sits down on her stomach, which still hurts a little from the closes her eyes like usual in her sessions, as she begins to worship and lick all over Violett and Lily's foot   Girl Pokemon Feet. by zombiesensei. Rated: 1+ Interactive Adult # Some of the girlish pokemon have set their eyes on you as a foot slave candidate., Chapter 1 Categories by: zombiesensei More by this author. To better divide the pokemon into categories, please

We could have been partners, and now you're just going to be my slave. And at that moment Azura uses her own version of Crunch, biting down on her toes.

You dirty little Azura then jumps to her feet and delievers a kick to her stomach. Just like her fetish, Azura has been hiding something else from Ariana.

A while ago, soon after she first discovered her fetish, Azura was scared that someone like Ariana might exploit her fetish and making her a slave, so she learned martial arts and how to defend herself just in case.

She's struggling to keep her to the ground and so she releases Azumarill from its pokeball. Azura then walks over to her, talking out one of her pokeballs to recall Ariana's Arbok before the ice can thaw.

Still the feeling of standing on top of someone else's face is wildly unfamiliar to her, having only ever been in the opposite position. She then recalls the Azumarill. Waiting in silence for the authorities enjoying the brief moment of being on top while it lasts.

The woman struggles for another while until she finally gives up, feeling humiliated to be stopped by this young girl and stuck beneath her sneaker. It's like Lyra all over again. A thought she does not find comfort in. Although back when she was stopped by her she went into hiding. This time it seems there's no way around prosecution. Which is exactly what Azura planned. Despite her fetish, with her talent for battling and thinking of plans she would be a formidable foe had she accepted Ariana's offer.

As she hears the sound of police sirens, she quickly takes her shoe away from the criminal's face as to not raise any suspicions. She then waits innocently around, and soon enough Officer Jenny arrives on her usual bike. Azura lets out a sigh of relief seeing that she is the first to arrive here. Not something I would have expected from you She blushes "J-Just take her, I need to train my pokemon. And I-I don't want any publicity for this please.

The media would love you for what you did. Just don't show my face. Mentioning your name will be fine though, right? And so week later, after training her pokemon and a new one, a Heracross she recently caught, Azura finally fights her way through the Elite Four and back to Karen, who starts this battle with her Houndoom instead of Umbreon this time.

Luckily though she's not using her Heracross just yet. But also unluckily for Karen, the first pokemon used by Azura is Feraligatr.

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Azura smiles. Feraligatr, use Surf! And it does, the sun shining into the room brightly afterwards. And it also weakens the Surf causing the Houndoom to survive a move that would take out most fire types. It doesn't even take time to charge because of the sunny weather. Azura frowns as her Feraligatr faints in one hit, and looks at her pokemon. Deciding to save Heracross for last, she looks at her other options.

Azumarill and Dugtrio would be weak to Solar Beam as well, so she decides to send out her Ampharos. Ampharos is first to attack and stuns its opponent causing the Flamethrower to be cancelled. But the Houndoom can't escape and gets hit at full force! Azura ers, but she knows to stay cautious. After all she's on her second out of three pokemon already too.

And soon the next pokemon that comes out is Gengar, a Ghost type instead of Dark. She acts fast, shouting her next command. Both attacks hit and after Gengar has taken some damage, the ray causes Ampharos to fall into a state of confusion. Both attacks hit, causing Ampharos and Gengar to take some damage each, and yet despite this Karen still has a smirk on her face. Azura smirks back. But don't think I haven't prepared for Fighting types!

Use Psychic again! Azura fears the Psychic might be enough to K. her Heracross and commands, "Finish it off with Aerial Ace! Azura celebrates her victory, even if it was closer than she expected. The two smile as they recall their pokemon, with Karen letting her yellow heels drop to the floor again.

Which makes Azura realize she made it through the whole fight without being distracted by her feet. The trainer nods excitedly, falling to her knees and crawling over to Karen's feet. And once she is finally there, she is greeted by her yellow painted nails. The first thing she does is give each one of her toes a kiss. Serving the champion is something very special to her.

The Champion of every region are female! And as she expected, Azura is totally ecstatic hearing this. Well just like you except for one thing She nods, after all she already met Leaf, the champion of Kanto who wasn't much older than herself. It seems like there will be a similar situation with Lyra. Excitedly, she kisses Karen's toes, the vibrant yellow nail polish making them stand out extra.

This is also another way Karen isn't like she thought she would be. She was thinking a Dark Type Leader would be strict and dominant like Clair, if not cruel, but instead she seems gentle and is not forcing anything on her.

After submitting to the dominant Clair and resisting the evil Ariana, this is a pleasant change for now. And since she has free reign now, Azura sticks her tongue out and starts to lick her soft milky white soles. Karen sits back and enjoys the feeling. Which causes Karen to roll her eyes. Not that I'm happy to be compared to HER all the time Which makes her gently yelp as she kisses the toes to appease the Dark Mistress.

Forcing people is never the right way Although I should be glad they're not comparing me to Whitney, unlike her Clair at least has a personal style.

And just as expected Azura begins to suck of the heel of Karen's barefoot with her eyes closed. The elite trainer reas down to pet her on the head. Like a little pet pokemon!

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so if you want I'll allow you to go wild on my feet too! What do you mean, I've been going at my own pace already. So then she simply lifts her feet high above Azura's head. Her eyes then widen ever so slightly as she looks up now, seeing the soles hovering above her. She blushes as she reas out to hold her ankles to keep her foot steady while she leans upwards to lick her soles.

Karen doesn't make it easy for her though. She's lifting her feet every time she's about to reach them. Which finally makes Azura jump up to reach them. And Karen wiggles her toes in anticipation of finally experiencing her "pet" acting in a more wild way.

Finally she reas her foot, bringing it back down to her face so that she can lick all over it. Karen has a wide smile on her face as Azura is licking all around the sole of her foot much faster now than before. Azura blushes, speaking with her mouth still stuffed with toes. You wouldn't have made it this far if it didn't. She's glad Karen isn't downplaying her achievements as a trainer as others like Sabrina did.

I've had it even before I was a trainer," She says curious as to where this is going. W-Why do you ask? I'm quite protective of it after all. Well then I guess I should put your heels back on.

1. All submissions must have to do with Pokemon, and a girl from Pokemon. 2. The Pokemon girl has to be barefoot. Boys can be in submissions, but the boys CANNOT be barefoot themselves. 4. Please don't post nudity works here. 5. Anthro or Pokemon feet Pokemon Girl Feet. deviations. Overwatch Girl Feet. deviations. Super Mario Princess Feet. deviations. Girl's Bare Soles. deviations. Screampunk. 9 deviations. The Simpsons Girl Feet. 27 deviations. MLP girl feet. deviations. Sonic Girl Feet. 7 deviations. Star vs The Forces of Evil Girl Feet I got a few requests for a Pokemon girls feet video, so here it is!:D. Categories: Entertainment. Tags: cartoons anime tiny feet lick licking worship female heels may tickling tickle misty nurses joy toes giantess stockings officer dawn jenny barefoot magna schoolgirls soles socks gts ars sniffing lyra noinstreamads sniff delia noonpageads

I don't want to get distracted during this," She says her blush slowly starting to fade. But by now Karen is already grabbing the pokeball out of her hand and opening it with a devious smile on her face. Azura gulps, wondering how this is going down.

your idea

Sure her Azumarill already knows about her interest in feet, being her only pokemon to know in fact, but it's never been involved in it. As it is released from its pokeball, Karen quickly addresses the confused pokemon. You should do the same. Hearing about her trainer being in such positions and worse is one thing but it's a completely different thing actually seeing it.

The closest thing beforehand was Azura staring at pictures of feet she took at her sister's contest in secret.

A-And I promise I'll use you in the next battle! Azumarill hesitates and wats as its trainer starts lapping away at Karen's foot like a lowly dog. Besides it's clear as she stated this wasn't her idea or decision anyways and so the pokemon, without having much of a choice left, slowly extends its tongue towards the human foot, though it still appears to be very unsure about all this. All the Elite Four trainer uses her toes to play with the water pokemon's ears while waiting.

It looks at its trainer again, and after receiving an encouraging nod, it takes one long lick up the sole of Karen's foot. And it seems that Azura is actually more anxious than the pokemon, worried about how it will react or what it will mean for the two going forward.

But I wonder why your trainer hasn't taught you to worship feet yet And yet again it seems the trainer is more embarrassed than the pokemon itself. To help her own feelings, Azura closes her eyes while worshipping, trying to pretend this is another normal session and that her pokemon isn't present. Then Karen spreads her toes on both of her feet. And Azumarill, being the submissive pokemon that it is, does the same, even though it hasn't got used to the taste yet. Although Karen's foot resting on top of it feels rather soft and nice feeling strangly.

Naturally for being a water type pokemon, Azumarill's licks are extra wet on her feet. Which makes Karen chuckle as she's reminded of a dog. Something that Azumarill does not resemble, if anything it looks like a big bunny. And despite its lack of a fetish it seems to have inherited its trainer's submissiveness. Karen then lifts her feet and crosses her legs, thereby switching the feet that Azura and her pokemon are under. Which Azura throws herself at licking over them while the pokemon hesitates yet again.

However it makes Azura feel a little weird too, because she's tasting her own pokemon's wet saliva on Karen's foot. Which is something she does wince at a little and makes her slow down her licks.

And neither of her two pets dare to disobey. Azura keeps worshipping because she doesn't want to have her feet taken away and Azumarill keeps licking because Azura promised to use it in the battle aganist Lyra. The gentle but dominant mistress enjoys them licking her feet for a good while longer, and when she decides she's had enough she suddenly pulls them away and slips them into her heels.

Azura blushes before quickly recalling her Azumarill. Somehow one of the most most gentle trainers so far made her the most embarrassed. It shows that it was raised by you. I bet there will be more trainers willing to dominate it too! I-I'll just need to use some healing items first," She says with her blush still plastered on her face as she gets ready to leave. Karen waves her goodbye and Azura moves on to the big champion hall.

Entering the room, she notices that the champion Lyra, just like Leaf in Kanto, is also a rather young trainer. Her outfit looks quite casual for being a champion, she's wearing overalls with short pants, knee high socks and slip-on sneakers.

And she's waving to her in a friendly way. The one who caught Ariana a few days ago? H-How did you know that? I mean, if I didn't know your name I wouldn't have known of course. I had my fair share of contentions with her back when I fought her team. Soon enough Azura is on her last pokemon Azumarill, who quickly dispats of Lyra's 5th pokemon, leaving her on her last one as well.

Lyra smiles. Go, Meganium! The petals are frozen and stop in mid air, therefore both attacks are cancelling each other out. However Lyra isn't deterred. But not before her pokemon is hit by razor-sharp leaves, cutting it strongly and hurting the Azumarill quite badly.

However thankfully Azumarill's own super effective attack manages to hit Meganium also and because of Blizzard's immense power, Meganium is hurt badly, catching Lyra off guard. But Azumarill isn't doing so well itself having been hit point blank by razor leaf.

And the Giga Drain is what finally takes down the Azumarill, as Azura like Leaf has underestimated the power of the Champion.

Lyra giggles as her opponent is finished off while her own pokemon's health is restored. She recalls it and wastes no time, wiggling her socked toes. Karen was right when she said she was eager to be served. But before she comes to worship Lyra, she takes some time to tend to her poor fainted Azumarill.

She's sorry it had to lose this way after she promised it to use it in battle for licking Karen's feet. She then recalls it before moving back towards Lyra.

The champion is smiling and pointing to her cute socked feet. Azura then reas out to take off her socks hoping she hasn't heard of what went on while worshiping Karen, Lyra then slaps Azura's hand making her yelp.

Don't take them off until I allow you to!

Not pokemon girls feet idea opinion you

Maybe we're more alike than I thought. Then she feels Lyra's hand on the back of her head, pushing her head further into her foot. A gleeful giggle can be heard as Lyra slowly moves her socked foot up and down while keeping Azura's face pushed into it. She may be similar to Leaf but compared to her she's much more comfortable in dominating someone.

And she's unique with her domination by acting more playful towards the whole thing and treating it as normal instead of a humiliating or a power dynamic.

Apologise, pokemon girls feet risk seem

Her socks don't look as old as Leaf's were. There's no actual holes inside them, however a clear imprint of her foot is visible on the sole. Feet that are clearly taunting Azura as her fetish only "activates" when they are bared. It's only after giving kisses to every spot of her socks and taking a lot of big whiffs that Lyra finally tells her she's allowed to take her socks off now.

And the fetishist wastes no time afterwards, slipping them off her feet like a child taking a toy out of someone's hands. Lyra proudly presents her feet as they are bared. Lyra smiles and wiggles her toes while Azura places some delicate kisses on her soles.

And she starts to kiss all over her sole pecking all across her feet. After a while of kissing, Lyra places her feet on the left and right sides of Azura's head, pushing on it from both sides.

Although the champion leaves her no choice but to go with her silly little hijinks. Hopefully at some point she can get back to kissing or maybe even licking. Lyra continues to play around with her head between her feet, until she hovers them over her face again.

She gasps, slightly taken aback again, before starting to kiss and lick all over her soles. Lyra giggles and pets her on the head while she does this. Wanting to enjoy this as much as possible before she loses them again, she starts lapping away at her feet like a dog.

Which amuses the champion very much, even making her laugh out loud. Which also only makes Azura blush knowing the laugh is likely meant to be mocking in some way. Lyra then blushes too and pets her head. And Lyra's snarky smile returns. As soon as she's lying on the floor, Lyra sits down on her belly before pushing her feet back into her face. Your body makes for a comfy seat! She doesn't need to be told twice as she sticks out her tongue and licks all over. Being used as not only Lyra's foot licker but also her seat helps to turn Azura on even more.

And making a Champion happy is a major positive experience for a submissive. Keeping her feet placed firmly in Azuras's face, the Champion then asks, "So, how exactly did all of this stuff with Ariana go down?

The news were very light on details. Lyra looks at her smirking. I d-defeated her sorta. I didn't have a pokemon battle with her I just used some training I had and well beat her in a more direct way.

Pokemon Trainer girl's feet. by powersoucearts. Rated: 18+ Interactive Action/Adventure # Worship the feet of all the trainer girls from kanto to kalos, Worship the feet of all the trainer girls from kanto to kalos This is an interactive story - Gloria hugged her and took her on foot fun had started, both girls were giggling and smiling during it. Marnie turned out to be really skillful feet and toes, her footplay was pure magic. However Gloria wasn't worse in it, her pretty toes were sliding in-and-out beetween Marnie's making her laugh With mins left to go, on Leaf's left foot, two marbles fall at the same time letting the Grunt tickle both sets of toes at which point he quickly grabs two stiff feathers and starts driving the feathers between her toes, this causes Leaf to shake and wiggle her feet and toes like mad to try to lessen the tickling but like last time only made it worse as the tickling is making her go berserk

I didn't expect you to be a fighter. And so she doesn't bother trying to speak as she just licks her feet from the bottom of her heel and up to her toes. The champion slightly wiggles her butt, making herself comfortable. Wich makes Azura's blush start to come back. She then places the heel of one of her feet on Azura's mouth while also squeezing her nose between the toes of her other foot. Azura starts sucking on her heel, knowing exactly what to do from experience.

And the champion enjoys the feeling of her heel being sucked diligently. She even lets out a quiet moan. Something Azura takes note of having not heard the girls she worships actually moan in a while usually being dominating instead of pleasure filled. Despite enjoying Azura's work on her heel, Lyra's toes stay on her nose, making it hard for her to breathe.

And despite how much she loves feet, that is something impossible for her to ignore. It seems Lyra forgot she's holding her nose with her toes considering how long they've been on it.

Which causes Azura to stop her worshipping and actually start to struggle to get free. When Lyra notices this, she giggles as she reduces the grip on her nose while still keeping her toes in place. That way she can breathe again but her air is kind of filtered through her toes.

Which makes Azura calm down and resume sucking on her heel all over again. Lyra leans back relaxing herself and another moan can be heard. She then swits to kissing her heel instead.

After a few more seconds, the champion swits the placement of her feet so Azura can suck on her other heel. And suck on it she does deciding to use her still free hands to rub her feet as well. Illiciting a louder moan from Lyra, this time something that excites Azura as much as the Champion.

The two of them keep this up for a long time, both enjoying themselves, until Lyra notices the light fading from her window as the sun is setting already. Azura on the other hand due to the toes over her eyes doesn't notice it start to darken. The champion speaks up. And we were enjoying ourselves so much but I think you have to go now. I've worshiped in the dark before," The Champion sighs.

I doubt you'd want to come with me. but my mom is waiting for me at home. Although Azura isn't much to talk as she's only just left and Lyra isn't that much older then her. And the Champion lets out one last moan.

She sighs, accepting that her fun is done as she starts to stand up, picking up her socks and heels to give back to Lyra.

She nods as she begins to slowly place her socks back onto her feet while blushing, making sure to kiss the topes of her feet before placing them on her feet. You should message me some time in the future. She blushes and gives a little chuckle as she places the other sock back on her foot as well, also kissing her feet before placing the socks back on.

That is why I'm in Johto anyway:" "Hmm, where do you want to go? It's the closest one after all. It has the most water next to the tropical Alola region, which makes for a fun travelling spot. And my good friend May lives there! I heard a funny story about your meeting with her. This makes her blush bright red, "S-S-She's not mad is she?

Even if it could only be seen in text form. And eventually curiosity wins over, "W-What did she say? At first she was proud of what happened with you, then she was surprised about the coincidence when Janine told her a girl with a foot fetish would come soon and then she realized and seemed out of her mind! but I would've done the same if I were you! Azura simply giggles before thinking about Hoenn and hoping there are more females there, having only 4 of the girls she worshipped here in Johto actually being Elite Four or gym leaders.

variant special

Just as she was with Johto, Hoenn is making her very excited for a pokemon journey, which is sure to be filled with foot fun! May Full in Pixiv takarafanarts 41 1 Mature content. Mars' Command RebootNT1 21 Mature content. Hilda II22 17 Mature content.

Pokemon girls feet

Serena Full in Pixiv takarafanarts 89 1 Mature content. Lillie Toy II22 8 Lillie Fun Under the Sun Simply-Asa 20 Wicke II22 6 Lillie's Tease RebootNT1 80 8 Mature content.

The Tease of a Trainer RebootNT1 Diamond BostBoik 7 6 Sarah reference drawing Animedalek1 5 4 Sarah bonds with Josh Animedalek1 2 17 Emily and Galar fairies Animedalek1 26 2 Mature content.

Poke-Gram - Dinosaurus Birthday PodFrog 26 Crylissa feet Cutiesaurs 21 2 karate lessons gift trainerrichie 20 6. After a long day of battles, Nessa had finished up the day? but this day was special for a different reason besides winning more than the usual number of battles.

sh Submit a Deviation Sta. sh DeviantArt muro Submit. Hide Media Preview Submit Comment. Add Media. Style Skin:. Upload Files. Gallery Folders Featured Pokemon fetish rp? Before we see our winners, let's see the stats: Featured Gen 1 Mature Content Mature Content Gen 1 Gen 2 Mature Content Mature Content Gen 2 Gen Mature Content Gen Gen 4 Mature Content Mature Content Gen 4 Gen 5 Mature Content Mature Content Mature Content Gen 5 Gen 6 Mature Content Gen 6 Gen 7 Gen 7 OCs OCs Gen 8 A Hulburian Delicacy After a long day of battles, Nessa had finished up the day? but this day was special for a different reason besides winning more than the usual number of battles.

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Featured Literature Pokemon fetish rp? Before we see our winners, let's see the stats: VanillaSoft VanillaSoft 19 Journal [CLOSED] Pokegirl Foot Requests DELUXE For these requests, they will not be coming out until the month of September. alienvs 17 Misty barefoot 9 Cutiesaurs 6 Bubbly Misty RainReinReign 4 Gen 2 Mature content Jasmine Beach buried - redone Maxageddon 59 6 Whitney's Feet PiplupBoi7 14 25 Kris With Codes DominoBM 15 0 Mature content Kris Rubbing Johto Ladies Feet DanMega 86 5 Literature Pokemon Foot Journey: Part 2 Johto This is the longest story ever published on my account big thanks to Waluigiplayer for helping write it and for the art seen below be sure to ck out part 1 on this channel which will be in the description.

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ZaryaMoonwolf1 ZaryaMoonwolf1 67 1 Mature content Pokegirls Feet: Johto Gym Leaders Waluigiplayer 4 Gen May Full in Pixiv takarafanarts 41 1 Mature content May and Serena Foot Fun DanMega 94 0 Liza's Feet PiplupBoi7 16 22 May spread her toes. Do Guys Stare At Your Feet Often? Cynthia: Oh! Whenever I expose my feet, I get more than a handful of looks from admirers, especially since I know that my soles are very big and long.

I can tell that they love to look. It's quite amusing, hehe Do You Think That Your Feet Are Pretty? Cynthia: Most of the time I do - they are really smooth, long and soft, but since I spend. sh Submit a Deviation Sta. sh DeviantArt muro Submit. Hide Media Preview Submit Comment. Add Media. Style Skin:. Upload Files. Gallery Folders Featured Featured May's Feet May's Feet Iris's Feet Iris's Feet Serena's Feet Mature Content Mature Content Serena's Feet Misty's Feet Mature Content Misty's Feet PokeMom Feet Mature Content Mature Content PokeMom Feet Female Gym Leader Feet Mature Content Mature Content Female Gym Leader Feet Female Elite 4 and Champion Feet Mature Content Female Elite 4 and Champion Feet Female Professor Feet Mature Content Female Professor Feet.

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