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Providing presents is usually optional but not expected. Depending on which item on the list you choose will determine if you get ringside seats at the reception, or end up being seated close to the toilet on a table with their great uncle who emigrated to the USA from Germany in July For the differences between Dutch and American men, click here. For more Shallow Man wisdom subscribe to my channel on Youtube. Well, I am a Texan and a Dutch guy has been flirting with me and asked me out. It goes well. I think he is handsome.

At this workshop, Dutch girls who have never worn heels, skirts or makeup before, get to learn how to look feminine. Followed by a photo shoot to prove it. Time for the ladies to let go of their inhibitions and do something wild. Anouk has been on a pole before after one repainted her apartment, but pole dancing is something new. Having witnessed such an event once, the Shallow Man can confirm that the sight of a pair of Ugg boots wrapped around a pole is quite an arousing sight indeed.

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The friends of the bride to be have probably slept with the groom already, so have a clear idea if his sexual prowess will live up to expectations.

Dutch women are the most liberated women in the world. I know this to be the case as they say this all the time, therefore it has to be true.

Financial independence has nothing to do with feminism. Now that the sun is shining in the Netherlands, Dutch fashion sense is on display in all of its peculiar glory.

Just as being obsessed with traffic. Queuing in shops, and loving the misfortune of others, sarcasm is part of the British DNA. Never take anything they say literally. Here are some helpful examples aimed at Dutch men who might be enjoying the pleasure of dating a British lady. Sadly, in spite of lots of classic British comedy being shown on Dutch television, sarcasm appears to be beyond the abilities of most of the locals.

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Instead of sarcasm, a primitive combination of rudeness and bluntness is deployed like a caveman wielding a club. Some actual examples are below. Following the thrilling vrijgezellenfeest, the typical Dutch wedding can be a bit of anti-climax. The Shallow Man like many people all over the world loves Downton Abbey.

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Decorum, manners and grace are all on display during typical weddings in the UK. British and Dutch girls have about as much in common as Friesland does with Montego Bay. For more Shallow Wisdom join the most unique group on Facebook, Amsterdam Shallow Man. Give me a British Girl any day. The Dutch have their heads so far up their asses you would think they are German Wayne in Canada.

British women are racist deep down. on the face they are sweet as sugar as soon as you turn your back you get stabbed. They talk about feminism abd and protest about womens rights bur when black women get abused they see them as vermin not human. Your right they will shag around and shag as many guys as possible then look for a middke class to upper class white man to marry. You saved me from a near life of depression. Thank you for making me smile while living in this hellhole.

Accident or Murder? What Happened to the Missing Dutch Girls

Another great posting and so true! Shallowest man of Amsterdam, I assume you a now a local of Amsterdam yes? Living in Amsterdam is a bit like living in Soho, maybe you like witnessing this end of the social spectrum.

It is, however a spectrum, with many delightful colours you have yet to cover. Belaroo, what a barrel of laughs an evening with you must be. Shopping for chocolate. Amsterdam Canal Houses. Amsterdam squats. Amsterdam Chinatown. A romantic weekend in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Royal Palace. Top 15 points of interest.

Stedelijk Museum. Amsterdam School architecture. Bridges in Amsterdam. Things to do in June.

Dutch Ice Cream. Hortus Botanicus. City beas.

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Salsa Dance Parties. Renting a private boat. Open air cinema. Santa in Holland.

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Best Christmas markets in the Netherlands. New Year Eve Amsterdam. Winter in Amsterdam. Christmas in Amsterdam. Cafes with fireplaces. Amsterdam Light Festival. Dutch language: Oliebollen bakken.

Amsterdam in Winter. Tips to Find the Right Event Space in New rules for Amsterdam in Why these are the best things to do Amsterdam goes in lockdown after second wave of Amsterdam Dance Event. Visiting Amsterdam after Corona. What's up with by Tanja February 1, Girls from Amsterdam are the most beautiful. Photo by Helena Sollie on Unsplash.

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Dutch girls are considered very attractive not only because of their great genetics and healthy environment but also because of their healthy self-esteem, great personality and ability to look effortlessly stylish and up-to-date   Emancipated Dutch women refuse to cook dinner for their men. 6. Never join in with her bitching about her friends. Another thing to know about dating Dutch women is that Dutch antelopes can be somewhat confusing. If you're dating one, you'll get Famous People From Netherlands. Dutch Men. Mata Hari. 07 August Dutch exotic dancer. Carice van Houten. 05 September Actress. Eleanor of Aquitaine

Cycling in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Smart Shops. Dutch men. Wow, that is a lot. We do like our own creamy mayonnaise from brands like Remia or Calve. In the Netherlands, you have snack bars. They are small takeaway restaurants that fry almost anything and are well visited on Sundays when Dutch people have a hangover. And Dutch people dip their fries in mayonnaise.

Or a combination of sauces with mayonnaise.

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We like our beer with a layer of foam. Not the English version with almost no foam. Just a decent amount of foam which we measure with our own two fingers. When you put your two fingers horizontal to the top part of the beer glass the foam as to be as thick as your two fingers. It has a reason. It protects the beer from getting oxygen. So you have finished it without even knowing it.

In the Netherlands eating raw herring has been a tradition for almost years. It gets frozen and then laid in salt for a couple of days to ripen the fish. Eating herring in the old day was mostly practical. Herring is fat and rich in nutrients. They kept it in a barrel of salt so Dutch people could eat herring all year round.

Fishermen can only fish for herring from May to mid-July. So when the first fishermen arrive in the harbours with the herring, the Dutch people will go to the many restaurants to try to eat the new herring of the year.

The fresh catch can differ in fatness and tastiness from year to year. The way Dutch people eat herring is grabbing the tail and lifting it above their heads and putting in their mouths.

With almost one bite they eat the entire herring and leave the tail on the plate. The phenomenon is particularly popular in northern Europe and in North America.

There are even special associations of winter swimmers who organize competitions exclusively in cold temperatures. Inthe Canadian Peter Pantages decided to organize such a polar bear plunge to celebrate the new year.

Forty years after the first Canadian dive, the phenomenon also spread to the Netherlands. Only five years later, an annual dive started in Sveningen. It started here with a small group of only seven swimmers, but now the dive in Sveningen has grown into an event with around 10, participants each year.

A Dutch brand Unox has attad their name to it and hands out orange hats to all the Dutch people who are participating in the New Years Dive. In the last couple of years, the dive spread out to not only the seaside of the Netherlands but also other parts of Holland where Dutch people dive in lakes, dits or other waters.

On the Dutch Caribbean Island Curacao, it also a phenomenon but that is a little bit of ating. Diving into the warm, clear and beautiful waters of the Caribbean. Everyone can do that!

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Want to participate? We wrote several articles about our home country. Not only because we like explaining what The Netherlands is all about, but also to help you prepare for you next travel adventure to our country! Make sure to ck out our articles.

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I am a jack-of-all-trades, a perfectionist, and the creative one of us two. Traveling together is a dream coming true.

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I love meeting new and inspiring people, getting to know extraordinary cultures, and going on road trips and new adventures. People often ask us, What inspires you to travel? Where do you get your travel inspiration from? There are a lot of resources that inspire us, so we made this top list to help you get inspired to You probably have seen them around, rooftop tents mounted on a regular car.

It's becoming more and more popular and changes the way of camping.

  This video is part of playlist of videos, see the next one at the end of this video, enjoy your time, and don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more Author: NLTV 2. Dutch girls think they are fat. Happy they are in general, not so satisfied they are with their body. Though only 45 of the Dutch women are (mildly) obese, 70 think they are too fat. 2 is so insecure, they'll only have sex with the lights off. 4 is unsure about their good looks Analysis from SCP and CBS shows that between the ages of 1 and 5 years, sixty eight of girls work part time, versus 1 of men. So here, you possibly can see a giant hole between the 2. Effortless Hot Dutch Woman Secrets Revealed. Coming from Southern Europe, I was a bit shocked by the behavior of some Dutch women

But what's actually the point of a rooftop Skip to content Yes, Dutch people are known to be weird. Are you ready?

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Dutch people are direct! Dutch people are known for having boring birthday parties! Interesting Articles To Read We wrote several articles about The Netherlands to be as helpful as possible for you! Oops 6.

Why Dutch people dress up in orange when the flag is red, white and blue? Dutch people are known to be ap!

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