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It's not just the costume. Her hair is a hot mess. It looks like mama or her hairstylist went wild with the curls and hairspray. Thankfully, her makeup is a bit more. restrained, shall we say?

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The biggest issue is with that chorus-girl costume. Again, a little girl who's in preschool should be wearing a frilly, little-girl dress with frilly short socks and dressy Mary Janes. Comb her hair into a fancy French braid and, at the most, put some tinted lip balm on her lips.

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Let her natural beauty shine through! Why do so many of these creepy child beauty contest photos have little girls whose smiles look so forced?


Do they realize their mothers have pardon the term tricked them out to look at least twenty years older than they are? Or do they have problems smiling naturally because they feel all the slimy goop sliding off their lips?

It's hard to say. The little sweetie in this image has a smile that doesn't reach her eyes.

  You are not to be blamed. A little girl competing may still be in pre-school. But she looks like she could be in middle school or high school. With the addition of the fake nails, she could be a pint-sized college coed. A little girl made up to look as though she is ten, twelve or even twenty years older than she is can frighten pageant-goers nudist pageant young nudist junior pageant nudist jpg from family nudism junior view | bangla tv sony 8junior miss pageant x x x poh | battle ki video | battle girl high school 01 | dragon balls super saiyan battle for no | aktu kore tumi ride battle basa | ore mon re moner manus kothai pai mpen 10 battle for ominitrix | amar mon na chay ghor battle idol sakib khan | genilia pundai in swiming - , . , , , ,

She doesn't look happy. First, her hair is put up into a curly o that looks painful. Oh, the heada she'll have.

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Her makeup is just too much. Too much blush, lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara.

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At least her eyebrows haven't been plucked. Well, at least her pageant costume is age-appropriate. Or at least it approas age-appropriate. Some child pageant contestants look like they're competing for the state of Texas or California, say for Miss USA or Miss America. They have long hair that's been combed and teased out into an unnatural up-do.

Imagine, if you can, an elementary school student wearing a dress that would better suit a young adult woman - let alone a tight-fitting bathing suit that exposes the child's shoulders, arm, legs, and overall figure. The makeup screams "Desperate! My mommy is desperate for me to win! If the little girl got a look at her image after her makeup was slathered on, she can be forgiven for looking just as miserable as she feels.

Nudist girl pagent

but her dress! Her hair and her makeup all say, 'I'm really twenty-one, not eight.

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While some little girls may sport dresses that do not look like ball gowns in miniature, they are still obviously pretty expensive. Is there not another way for the parents to "save up for her college fund?

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While the child may have a smile on her face, you may be able to spot her spirit in her eyes. That spirit is screaming, "Get me out of here! Oh my god, that precious baby! You may not be saying that in admiration. You are not to be blamed.

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A little girl competing may still be in pre-school. But she looks like she could be in middle school or high school.

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With the addition of the fake nails, she could be a pint-sized college coed. A little girl made up to look as though she is ten, twelve or even twenty years older than she is can frighten pageant-goers. For sure, the disturbance factor is off the charts.

The blush is dark on her rounded eks. The eyeshadow looks like it belongs on an adult woman's face. And those nails! That is way overboard! Can we say, "creepy? Not only did the parent of these adorable twins sexualize one child, they sexualized her twin as well.

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The big hair, make, and outfits on both of these girls is something that only a thirty or forty-year-old should attempt. The ringlets are overkill.

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And look at that makeup! How many layers of lipstick were troweled on? Why did their "makeup artist" choose such bright blush? Coordinating the eyeshadow to the blush was the low in transforming these girls into truckstop.

you get it. Looking at these twins, it's easy to see they still have all their baby teeth. This means they're still in kindergarten.

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