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Students of RTMNU girls' hostel are in a fix. Though there is no official diktat to force students to eat only at the canteen, rules are being violate

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this story is from December 12, Rishabh Deb Dec 12,IST. Recently, a few hostel girls of Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University RTMNU went to meet the registrar Dr Puran Meshram to talk on the rule of making it mandatory for the hostelites to eat at the varsity mess only.

While no such official diktat has been issued by the iversity on this regard, students are in a fix and demand an answer. However, the hostel authorities have made it compulsory for the girls to eat at the canteen and avoid dining out.

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So what is going on? Some of us are not happy with the quality of the food served at the mess and we should be allowed to eat outside. But the problem is that authorities have made it compulsory for us to eat here, so that we continue to pay Rs for our meals to the canteen. We want this issue to be resolved as soon as possible. Read Post a comment.

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Nu girls eat girls

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