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Basically, lots of sex. I basically googled "sex positions to try", found an extensive article, and we both sat down and chose the ones we wanted to try out and see if we liked. This one is a little bit trickier. First, your partner will enter you in the missionary position. Then, they'll slide their st and legs off your body so their body forms an X with yours, but their pelvis stays in the same location.

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  I basically googled "sex positions to try", found an extensive article, and we both sat down and chose the ones we wanted to try out and see if we liked. 1. The Cross-Booty @sex_lustity Amateur Sex Wife On Top Mirror - theolivebranchinn.com

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. The opposite of cowgirl duh. You'll straddle your partner as they lie on their back but face their feet instead of their face. Yeehaw, am I right?

Cowgirl is always fun, but REVERSE cowgirl? SO fun! You get to experience the penis or strap-on in a different angle, which is very pleasurable, and they get to watch your booty bounce.

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It's a win-win situation. A guaranteed orgasm for my partner every time we did it. For me, not so much. I did orgasm a few times we did it but it takes a while for me, and sometimes I needed to add my own stimulation to achieve it.

For this position, your partner will be sitting on the bed and you will back yourself into them and spoon each other while seated.

Yes, yes, yes! Love this position! It gives perfect access for your partner to touch your body and it just feels so good. Orgasm is achieved beautifully by yours truly with some scrumptious clit stimulation.

Love, love, love.

It's like a fancier missionary position and I love it. Bringing your legs up on your partner's shoulder puts you in a position that provides way more G-spot stimulation and they can even play with your parts better, a welcomed activity. We both managed to orgasm simultaneously with this position, which is always a welcomed end result.

It's easy for us to get into, as long as I'm stretd out! For this position, your partner sits cross-legged crisscross applesauce style on the bed and you sit on their lap facing them.

Bonus: Wrap your legs around them for maximum support. I surprisingly really liked this position.

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It's definitely not meant for thrusting, though. It's more like a tantric position that allows you to get a little bit more intimate with your partner.

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I felt really close to him with this one, so I'm ranking it high even though it wasn't necessarily about the penetration. I did achieve orgasm surprisingly but it was mostly because of the gyrating on my clit than from any penetration.

My partner did not, but he enjoyed being so close to me. This is definitely my personal favorite. The position creates a snug fit for your partner's penis or strap-on.

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Also, you can choose how high or low you want your hips raised. Bonus points if you bounce your booty to help with the thrusting!

This is my partner's favorite way to finish and I don't blame him. He gets a great show of my booty bouncing and it just feels so great. pin PNGBLOGS.

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