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Today is a big day for Kathy. With the publication of these pictures and story, she is coming out as a nudist to the world. Or at least to her sisters. While Kathy and her husband, Stephen, have always been "closet nudists" - comfortable being naked in their home - they are newcomers to the nudist club scene. Members of the Campbelltown Heritage Nudist Club take a nature walk au naturel on their property at Minto Heights. Credit: Wolter Peeters.

One of the club's oldest nudists Jill, 75, says there is genuine friendship between the members as everyone is equal when they are naked.

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What you see is what you get and it doesn't matter where you come from, how old you are, how rich you are, it's the person that you get to know," Jill says. It's just a totally different feeling to being dressed.

But the future of club nudism is not looking bright, with membership falling dramatically over the past three decades.

The Australian Naturist Federation's president Greg Serow says the federation has members, about 70 per cent fewer than in the s and '80s.

Mr Serow describes those decades as the "golden days", where club membership surged on the back of the popularity of nudist beas. It was just the thing that everybody did all the time. Club membership is now at the lowest it has ever been, Mr Serow said, with several factors to blame.

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Nudist resorts have drawn members away from clubs by providing a more leisure-based, commodified opportunity to go naked without any obligations such as annual fees or duties. Mass media has led to body image policing and self-consciousness, creating much greater shame about the naked body. Some nudists even point to the rise of the "Slip, Slop, Slap" campaign and skin cancer awareness, which has made people think twice before exposing their body to the sun.

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University of Sydney Associate Professor Ruth Barcan, the author of Nudity: A Cultural Anatomysaid a negative stigma still surrounds social nudism with adherents construed as comic at the least and dangerous at the worst. Indeed, many nudists I speak to are quick to emphasise that there is nothing sexual about their nakedness.

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At the Heritage Australia Club, I am told within minutes of arriving: "Men don't get erections here, they just don't". Many regular nudists are private about being part of a club, fearing their nudism will harm their careers or upset family members and friends.

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But as membership declines clubs are finding it difficult to attract a younger generation that could ensure their survival. At the Heritage Australia Club members range in age from late 20s to mid 70s, although the majority fall into the older age bracket.

Stuart Whelan, the editor of The Australian Naturist Magazinesaid young people were still interested in nudism but were not attracted to the organised club structure. In the early, much more naked years, the Durvilles were pressured by authorities to keep their guests covered up. After the war, Physiopolis had also lost much of its carefree lustre, becoming more of a week-end fitness retreat than anything else. Physiopolis was truly ahead of its time by presenting physical exercise not as an act, but a lifestyle.

It also carved out a place for women to be strong and athletic over nearly a century ago - no small feat.

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In that way, the whole operation is a curious snapshot of life in those inter-war years, and of the fleeting space it made for some of the grandest, if not sometimes, delusional dreams. Eventually, the brothers would publicly abandon their nudist philosophy altogether but retain faith in secret to attract a wider audience to Physiopolis.

Daily workouts for weekend visitors consisted of leisurely paddling in the pool and slow-paced games of petanque.

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Flooding became more problematic, and the naturists stopped coming. The old restaurants and inns along the riverbanks are also in ruins.

There were plans to open it as a museum inbut it remains shuttered and closed to the public.

This island has been largely left to its own devices for many years, its future tied up in disputes been the mainland and the islanders. Living on the Ile de Platais year-round is forbidden due to the risks of flooding but some people call it their permanent home.

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The residents live in a world apart, cut off from the nearby capital without public water shuttles to and from the mainland. Many of the neglected and abandoned Physiopolis cabins which can still be found on the island, dotted around the former domaineand some have been given facelifts by local residents, whose parents would have purchased land as members of the colony in the early 20th century.

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We did however find a waterfront property for sale on the former Physiopolis domaine, which boasts its very own s-era cabin in the garden.

Anyone interested in a fixer upper on the former Parisian nudist colony, apply here. Forgot your password?

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There are 50 registered nudist clubs across Australia, with the bulk in NSW, although some put the figure as high as when it includes those that are unregistered   By the late s, it was a nudist's utopia no more. The ageing colony's strict health-driven values had gone out the window by the s. Daily workouts for weekend visitors consisted of leisurely paddling in the pool and slow-paced games of Closed Captions. Settings. Fullscreen. Blaze Starr Goes Nudist Not Rated | Romance. Watch Duration: 2 min
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