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You are now logged in. Forgot your password? Reason obtained a recording of the speech, however, and the most newsworthy thing about it is the simple fact that the public wasn't supposed to hear it. In his remarks, Obama expressed concern that Americans have segregated themselves into two "entirely different realities" where not just opinions but basic facts are in dispute, claimed to have left office without a major "embarrassing" scandal, and proved that he really loves basketball. Those were some of the highlights from his talk at MIT's Sloan Sports Analytics Conference on Friday. The event, attended by hundreds of sports industry professionals, journalists, and students, was cloaked in secrecy. Having listened to the entire thing, I'm not sure what all the secrecy was about-it was pretty standard Obama fare, and he never once said the word Trump , though Obama did seem to imply that his White House was remarkably drama-free in contrast.

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If you look at these different sources of information, they do not describe the same thing. In some cases, they don't even talk about the same thing.

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And so it is very difficult to figure out how democracy works over the long term in those circumstances. Obama noted that in other countries-like China-the government simply decides which viewpoints can be aired in public, but "that's not who we are, and that's not the society I want to live in.

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government has a role to play in ensuring there are "basic rules of the road in place that create level playing fields. It's not okay to deny the underlying science.

And, you know, if you ask me what's my biggest disappointment [it] is that we haven't changed the tone in Washington as much as I would have liked." (Also on POLITICO: Obama vs. Obama Type whatever you want, and create a video of Barack Obama saying it WASHINGTON-President Obama left attendees of the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in stits Saturday night after delivering a hilarious speech repeatedly telling the entire room to "fuck off." "No, seriously, each and every one of you cocksuckers can go fuck yourselves; I fucking hate all of you," Obama said to the uproarious laughter and applause of the assembled

As an example of the kind of epistemic closure described above, Obama offered up the debate over climate change. This kind of debate is healthy for a democracy, said Obama. But, "I can't have that same debate with somebody who just holds up a snowball in the middle of the Senate chamber in winter and says, 'look there's no climate change because it's snowing!

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I didn't just make that up. The subject of the event was sports analytics, and the former president-known for his love of basketball-did not disappoint on that front.

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He discussed his own years as a mediocre high school basketball player, remarked that playing basketball with other people revealed much about their character, and opined that the NBA would be well-served by junior league "so that the NCAA is not serving as a farm system for the NBA with a bunch of kids who are unpaid but are under enormous financial pressure.

Obama didn't comment on the MeToo movement specifically, but he did stress that it should be a top priority for companies to make women feel safe and respected at work, give them equal pay for equal work, and make an effort to actually listen to what they are saying. If women are afraid to speak up, or are talked over by men, a good boss should call on them and ask their opinions.

According to yet another recent release from the whistle blower organization Wikileaks, President Barack Obama may have some serious explaining to do Obama says Fuck You added 10 years ago. Share. Tweet. ben From United States, 8 years old. Follow. Message. 5 Likes. change barack video flip fuck you us obama president usa election. Obama says Fuck You Comments (0) Comment Rules. Character Left. Add Photo. Select Your Upload Type. Obama would literally say anyfuckingthing to get in office Talix says ( AM): "If you elect me, the heavenly chiors will sing, and the world will be perfect!!"

Obama said that this was the approach he took while in office, and it helped get him through eight years without a major scandal. The former president admitted that his team made mistakes, but no massive screw-ups. He then said, "I know that seems like a low bar," at which point the audience burst into laughter.

Obama say fuck you

This was the closest Obama came to critiquing the new administration. The idea that people in the private sector work harder than the feds is a misperception, said Obama.

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I felt like I was Neo in The Matrix. Our folks were putting in hour work weeks and barely getting vacations and under unimaginable pressure.


The remark came in the context of a discussion about child-leave policies-Obama suggested that since he had found a way to accommodate his hard-working staff members with familial commitments, despite the demanding nature of the job, so too could the private sector. The data shows it. It was about sports analytics.

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Second Amendment. According to the dissent, the appeals court "has decided that the Second Amendment does not mean what it says.

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Jacob Sullum. On February 14,the vice president of Stratfor sent an email stating that a congressional friend of his informed him of a very shocking event. According to the unnamed congressman, there were two democratic senators who were worried about the volume of the new stimulus.

Obviously for whatever reason, this instance of vulgarity was not leaked until now. This opinion article was written by an independent writer.

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