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Bozeman in its entire beauty

Bozeman is one of the most beautiful cities in Montana. But do you know what’s even more beautiful than a description of Bozeman? You’re right – a video about Bozeman.

Check out the transcript of the video if you are a fast reader or if you can’t listen to it currently. Despite the impressive recordings, it is better if you can follow the context of what is being told.


0:15 Cradled in the Gallatin Valley and

0:17 surrounded by the majestic northern

0:20 Rocky Mountains Bozeman Montana is

0:23 considered to be one of the most

0:24 desirable places to live in the entire

0:27 country. The city is named after John M

0:30 Bozeman, founder of the Bozeman trail. For

0:34 thousands of years Native American

0:36 tribes including the Shoshone, Nez Perce,

0:39 Blackfeet, Flathead and Sioux passed

0:42 through the area seasonally on hunting

0:44 excursions. The Bozeman community is

0:48 located in a high mountain valley at an

0:50 elevation of 4,795 feet and is

0:54 surrounded on three sides by the Bridger,

0:57 Gallatin and tobacco route mountains.

1:04 Home to Montana State University, Bozeman

1:08 is a community of friendly engaging

1:09 people and a center for business and

1:12 recreation throughout the year. Bozeman

1:15 is the largest city in Gallatin County

1:17 and designated the area’s county seat.

1:20 This one-time cow town offers the

1:24 whimsical charm of days gone by with all

1:26 the cultural benefits of the big city.

1:30 Bozeman is home to people with

1:32 backgrounds and cultures as diverse as

1:34 the Montana landscape. In 2001 Bozeman

1:39 was recognized as an all-american city

1:41 by Polycom, an independent economic

1:44 research firm specializing in analyzing

1:47 local and state economies. Bozeman

1:50 ranked ninth out of six hundred

1:52 micropolitan cities with populations

1:54 under 50,000. In earning this designation

1:58 Bozeman was touted for having an

2:00 extraordinary number of model programs,

2:03 reflecting public and private

2:05 cooperation for a community of its size.

2:07 In 2005 the American cities Business

2:12 Journal ranked Bozeman the number one

2:14 small business market among cities under

2:17 100,000 population and in 2003 Outside

2:22 magazine ranked Bozeman number 5 of the

2:25 40 best college towns in the US.

2:29 Agriculture continues to be the area’s

2:31 number one industry. However a number of

2:34 high-tech manufacturing and Internet

2:36 companies also called Bozeman and

2:38 surrounding communities home. The Bozeman

2:41 and Gallatin County economies are

2:43 growing and prospering with one of every

2:46 ten new Montana businesses forming in

2:48 Gallatin County in recent years making

2:51 the area second in terms of business

2:53 growth in the state of Montana.

3:02 outdoor recreation continues to draw

3:04 people to the Bozeman area. Winter offers

3:07 world-class downhill skiing at Bozeman

3:09 Zone Bridger Bowl and not far away big

3:12 sky and moonlight Basin ski resorts.

3:15 Numerous cross-country ski trails

3:18 endless Mountain snowshoeing terrain and

3:21 year-round walking trails exist in the

3:24 area helping people stay active during

3:26 the winter months. Summer is an exciting

3:30 time in Bozeman. Biking, hiking, fishing

3:33 and rafting are just a few of the

3:35 activities enjoyed by many in this

3:37 beautiful mountain community.

3:43 Through all the seasons Bozeman offers

3:46 wonderful cultural events for both

3:47 locals and tourists. The famous sweet pea

3:51 festival has been a favorite since its

3:53 inception in 1978. Other events like

3:57 music on Main, the bite of Bozeman and

4:00 the Christmas stroll bring Bozeman

4:02 residents together on Main Street from

4:05 music, food and camaraderie. The Bozeman

4:08 Symphony, Montana Ballet and numerous

4:12 theatre companies bring big-city arts

4:14 and culture to small town Bozeman.

4:19 For those hungry for knowledge a wealth

4:22 of valuable information is available at

4:24 the new local Public Library downtown

4:27 and at the Reni library on the MSU

4:30 campus.

4:33 For people on the move the area’s air

4:37 travel services are provided by

4:38 Bozeman’s international air terminal,

4:41 Gallatin Field located between Bozeman

4:44 and Belgrade. The airport offers service

4:47 to just about any place in the world

4:49 through a wide range of carriers

4:51 including Northwest Airlines, Delta Air

4:54 Lines, Horizon air and United Express. The

4:59 lively community of Bozeman retains a

5:01 small-town feel while offering community

5:04 activities cultural events and shopping

5:07 opportunities typically available only

5:09 in larger metropolitan areas. This unique

5:13 benefit combined with the wide array of

5:16 community resources and an abundance of

5:19 outdoor recreational opportunities makes

5:21 it easy to understand why Bozeman ranks

5:24 as one of the nation’s most livable

5:26 cities.