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As fans of soap operas, you are well aware of the ups and downs of daily life in a somewhat small town. Family, love, romance, intrigue, and even death are a big part of what keeps viewers coming back for more. Fans are drawn to characters for many reasons, but none so much as something that is relatable. The magic happens when a writer can combine a beloved character with a dreaded problem. For better or worse, these social issues have been the heart of soap operas since they were first put on the airwaves. Of course, social issues have changed over the years, much like society itself. Addiction, homosexuality, mental health, and disease have seen vast changes in research, treatment, attitudes, and even acceptance.

Sabrina seems to show a major crush on the recently widowed Patrick Drake and Elizabeth tries to encourage her to confess her feelings for him. Elizabeth also develops a dislike for mean and bitchy Dr. Brit Westbourne, who also has a liking to Patrick and hates Sabrina. In November, Elizabeth is shocked to find out A. is alive and later treats him for his injuries after a boxing match with his longtime enemy Sonny. At first, Elizabeth is reluctant on doing this because she knows A. However, when A.

tells her that he wants to become a better person than he was years ago. Elizabeth sympathizes with him and forms a bit of a friendship with A. In FebruaryElizabeth hears that her half-brother, Steve's fiancee Olivia Falconeri has gotten one of her valuable hallucinations of him getting stabbed.

She pokes him with a pen believing that this would make the hallucination come true. Steve Webber is stabbed by his mother and rushed to the hospital. Steve recovers and he is later arrested for the murder in Memphis.

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In March, she decides to go on lunch "dates" with A. Elizabeth participates in the opening number of the Nurses' Ball and temporary takes over the MC duties when Lucy Coe is busy dealing with Richard Simmons on April 5 and 8.

She is seen with Alexis Davis talking to Nikolas Cassadine about the situation involving around Lulu 's disappearance. Alexis leaves for the PCPD for word and Elizabeth bonds with Nikolas. On March 21, Elizabeth finds Britt's letter about Ben being Lulu's son. On March 24, Elizabeth tells Lulu the truth about Ben and Nikolas ws her out for choosing this time to announce the truth.

Later on, Obrecht takes her hostage at gunpoint in her own home. On April 8, Elizabeth is shot by Obrecht. Nikolas stay by Elizabeth's side in the hospital. When Elizabeth's ex-husband, Ric Lansing arrives back in town, the two begin dating and reconnect.

He takes her on a romantic date to the Metro Court Hotel and they spend the night together and make love. Their night is interrupted when Julian Jerome lies to Anna Devane and points the finger at Ric as the head of the Jerome mob family to protect his family from his real boss. Anna busts in Liz and Ric's hotel room to arrest him. After Ric is arrested, he maintains his innocence and pleads with Liz to believe in him. Liz believes in Ric and hires Diane Miller to represent him.

It turns out that Ric is being framed by Fluke and Julian, and once Anna becomes aware of this, she is forced to fake Ric's death and put him into the witness protection program, so they can smoke out the real boss.

In OctoberElizabeth meets a man at GH with amnesia, going by the name Jake Doe Jason Morgan and the two become friends and she takes him in when he has no place to go. They eventually start for fall for each other but Ric comes back and she chooses to be with and then when Ric starts lying to him, she decides to with Jake but then Ric hires a women named Hayden to pretend to be his wife, so the two must part ways.

She and Ric eventually get back together and "Jake" goes to live with his "wife". At the Nurses Ball, Elizabeth finds out about what Ric did and ends things with him.

She decides that she wants to be with Jake but Nikolas tells her that Jake Doe is really Jason Morgan so she doesn't invest in a future with him. After finding, she goes up on stage and has every intention of telling everyone that Jason is alive but decides against because she wants Jason to herself. They eventually started a real relationship and he ended up proposing and after some hesitation she happily accepts.

On the day of their wedding, the truth came out and the wedding is called off but Elizabeth kept her part a secret and continued to ask Jason to go through with the wedding even though he's married to Sam.

They continue their relationship and he even decides to divorce Sam and marry her. Soon after, Sam realized that Elizabeth was lying and confronts her.

RebeccaHerbst (RebeccaLHerbst) on Twitter - The latest from RebeccaHerbst (@RebeccaLHerbst). Wife, Mommy of , BELIEVER, actress, designer and always grateful. The Liberty Strong Series muse. Rebecca Herbst | Daytime Confidential - Rebecca Herbst's husband Michael Saucedo is returning to General Hospital as Juan Santiago GH has given Mike amazing moments with different characters like Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Michael. He struggles with his memory more than Dina. During the recent earthquake, he forgot to Elizabeth is initially characterized as a rebellious teenager, who complains about having to be compared to her perfect sister. Herbst reflected in on her character's introduction: "In the past year she (was) a smart-ass child with no respect for anybody, who was out to get everyone. But that is because she was hurt since her parents pretty much abandoned her. So her frustration, anger and snottiness came

She denies everything and lets Jason defend her when he walks in on them fighting. After feeling that something was off, Jason goes after Sam and hears her out. When Jason goes back to Liz, he confronts her and after trying to dodge Jason's questions, she finally admits the truth.

Jason is furious while Liz continues to make excuses. In earlymysterious instances at start occurring at Elizabeth's house, which turns out to be Jake acting out. Elizabeth and Jason's relationship is strictly being co-parents to Jake. In February, Jake is hit by a car again but this time comes out relatively unscathed. Also, Elizabeth finally realizes that the connection between Jason and Sam will never go away and she has started to let Jason go.

Weeks later, Elizabeth and Jason take Jake to Shriners to help with his recovery and that is also where she and Jason start to heal their friendship. Elizabeth also starts to form a friendship with Franco that slowly developed into something more. On September 14, Elizabeth learns from Franco that Hayden Barnes is her half-sister. Elizabeth and Franco said "I love you" to each other and made love for the first time in February Franco and Elizabeth got engaged on December 4.

In March, on the day of their wedding, Franco went to confront Jim Harvey his mother's ex-boyfriend on why Drew was sent away during their childhood while Elizabeth waited for him in church, and during their confrontation an earthquake hits Port Charles. In March 1, after learning he's been lying to her for months about his past with Drew, Elizabeth breaks up with Franco.

However, after surviving Harvey's murder attempt, Franco and Elizabeth began mending their relationship.

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In April 9, it was revealed that Franco was molested numerous times by Jim Harvey when he was three and that he saved Drew from suffering the same fate when he pushed him down the flight of stairs. After saving Elizabeth and Jake from Jim, Franco kidnapped him and held him at gunpoint, confronting him for his crimes.

However, Jim broke free of his restraints and disarmed Franco, whom he nearly strangled him to death, but Drew shot him dead from behind. When the police arrived, Drew covers for Franco on his kidnapping of Harvey.

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Elizabeth takes Franco to GH, where he confesses to Elizabeth and to Dr. Kevin Collins on what Harvey did to him. Later, Franco and Elizabeth decided it'd be best if he contacts Harvey's other victims who suffered like Franco did, for it would give them peace knowing Harvey is dead.

General Hospital. General Hospital: Night Shift. The Secret Life of Damian Spinelli.

Rebecca Herbst \u0026 Tyler Christopher Celebrating General Hospital's 13,000th Episode #GH50

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This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. watch Do you like this video? Play Sound. Elizabeth redirects here, for other uses of the name, see Elizabeth disambiguation This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia view authors. Simms, executive editor of Soaps In Depth discussed the fans' impact on reversal, stating: "A lot of times, fans react and for a few days, it's all anyone can talk about.

But Becky Herbst fans really refused to let this drop.

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I enjoyed playing Elizabeth before. And I enjoy playing her now. She has evolved. She's changing. That in itself is exciting to play. Following the assault, she becomes timid and scared, not wanting to leave the house.

Lucky then Jackson is one of the only people she opens up to, and he helps her to slowly recover. Elizabeth goes through the stages of denial, anger, and eventual acceptance. Although she heals, her character is never the same.

Soap Opera Weekly stated in November "After the initial shock of the attack wore off, and with support - mostly from Lucky - the best parts of the 'old' Liz resurfaced: her spirit, her determination, her innate smarts. But for the first time, Liz also showed herself as a person of untapped virtue and considerable substance.

Rebecca Ann Herbst is an American actress, known for playing nurse Elizabeth Webber on the ABC Daytime drama General Hospital, a role she originated on August 1, , and Suzee, an alien, on the Nickelodeon show, Space Cases. Rebecca Herbst Born Rebecca Ann Herbst May 12, Encino, California Other namesBecky Herbst OccupationActress Years active-present Spouse Michael Rebecca's Breast Augmentation Before & After photos, plastic surgeons, discussion boards, other before and after photos and more Rebecca Herbst: Age, Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity, Education. She was born on May 12, , in Encino, California, USA. Her birth name is Rebecca Ann Herbst. Her father's name is Wayne Herbst and her mother's name is Debbie Herbst. She has an elder sister, Jennifer. She started acting as a child artist from the age of 5. As a child, she was a competitive figure skater and she decided to concrete on

She's not evil anymore and her growth since I've been on the show makes playing her today give me many challenges as an actor. I think the writers have done a great job in making Liz not a victim but a fighter and showing that, while this was a terrible experience nobody should go through, she will get through this in time and go on with her life.

Elizabeth pregnant with Cameron InLuke and Laura discovered that Lucky was alive.

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Elizabeth has a C-section with Jake Before Lucky and Elizabeth married, Elizabeth chose to become a surrogate mother for Jr and Courtney Jacks. Liz and Jason Liason kissing in the rain In MayElizabeth gave birth to another son, Jacob Martin Spencer. After Emily Quartermaine's death and funeral, Jason and Elizabeth began a brief secret relationship. They became engaged, but Jason later decided that his job was too dangerous for Elizabeth and her children, and he called off their relationship.

Elizabeth decided to fight to be in Jason's life, but he was adamant that he could not give her what she deserves.

Jason invited Elizabeth to go with him to Italy, but after he witnessed the shooting of Sonny's fiancee, Kate Howar Jason once again feared for Elizabeth's safety and tried to use this incident to scare her into abandoning a relationship with him. Elizabeth shoots and kills a Russian man to protect, herself, Sam and her boys On January 15,Elizabeth was poisoned while assisting in surgery.

Lucky Jackson and Elizabeth Herbstsoon after Jackson's return Nikolas decides to leave town, but Elizabeth stops him. Elizabeth and Nikolas. Liz and Nikolas kiss in the rain Nikolas comes over after Lucky leaves, and tells Elizabeth he loves her and wants a future with her. Elizabeth in labor with Aiden The paternity results reveal that Nikolas is the father of Elizabeth's baby, but unknown to anybody, Helena had the results switd and Lucky is the biological father of the baby.

Elizabeth with Nikolas and their sons: Cameron, Spencer, Jake and Aiden. When Nikolas comes in, Elizabeth tells him that she made a doctor's appointment for Aiden. Nikolas asks what's wrong and she says he probably just has an ear infection. She tells him it's not important, but he insists on coming with them. Brook Lynn suggests the reason that Aiden is being fussy is because Elizabeth is messing with his routine.

Nikolas and Elizabeth end up taking him to General Hospital where Aiden's pediatrician tells them that Aiden is fine and just cutting a tooth.

Liz slaps Jason On March 8,Elizabeth sends in DNA papers to see who Aiden's real father is. Lucky comforts Elizabeth after Jake "dies" Elizabeth is later informed by Dr.

Elizabeth and Matt When Robin becomes the new Chief of Staff at the hospital, she lets Elizabeth come back to work, but restricts her duties to the nurses' desk only. Lisa pushing Liz off the boat after drugging her.

Elizabeth in the hospital with hypothermia Elizabeth continues to grow closer to Matt, angering Maxie. Ewen holds Elizabeth hostage at gunpoint Jason eventually finds Ewen holding Elizabeth with gun pointed to him.

Elizabeth goes to Pier 52 where Jason "died" In OctoberElizabeth is shocked to find out that Jason is presumably dead after a shootout on Pier 52 and his body was knocked off the harbor by Duke Lavery, who is later revealed to be Ceasar Faison in disguise. Liz and AJ on a date. Elizabeth falls on Nikolas Elizabeth hugs Nikolas with AJ Quartermaine watching in the background.

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She falls on Nikolas when she tries to keep him in the bed. She goes to Kelly's and tells AJ that she "jumped his bones" referring to why she has Nikolas' pants.

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Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he wants them to get back together. She thinks it will hurt Lucky too much and says no. She decides to give AJ another chance. She goes to New York City with AJ and Nikolas shows up in her room. She tells him to back off. Elizabeth is poisoned by eating Pickle-Lila and Pickle-Eddie but recovers after a day or two. In the summer, she and AJ take their relationship to the next level and have sex.

On November 21, Elizabeth tells Patrick that she and A. are over, because he had been on a downward spiral personally since losing control of ELQ.

Patrick asks Elizabeth to be his best person and she tearfully accepts and starts planning a balor party. Elizabeth is shot On March 21, Elizabeth finds Britt's letter about Ben being Lulu's son.

Elizabeth is reunited with her presumed dead son, Jake After Ric is arrested, he maintains his innocence and pleads with Liz to believe in him. Elizabeth with Jason and their son, Jake At the Nurses Ball, Elizabeth finds out about what Ric did and ends things with him.

Elizabeth and her sons, Aiden, Cameron and Jake Soon after, Sam realized that Elizabeth was lying and confronts her. Elizabeth finally takes off her engagement ring Elizabeth calls Nikolas to come over and she tells him that Jason knows that they both knew who he was.

Later on Jason comes back and moves out. Days later, Elizabeth is confronted by Carly, while Franco listens in and he gives her advice and offers to be her an ally.

He also convinces her to go to the Nutcracker gala, where she runs into Jason and Sam. She also gets drunk and makes a fool of herself.

Later on, she finally takes off her engagement ring. A couple minutes later, Nikolas falls off the roof and she tends to him. It is later said that Elizabeth saved his life. Elizabeth with Jake after his accident In earlymysterious instances at start occurring at Elizabeth's house, which turns out to be Jake acting out.

Elizabeth and younger sister Hayden. Franco and Elizabeth make love for the first time Elizabeth and Franco said "I love you" to each other and made love for the first time in February Elizabeth comforting Franco after learning he was molested In April 9, it was revealed that Franco was molested numerous times by Jim Harvey when he was three and that he saved Drew from suffering the same fate when he pushed him down the flight of stairs.

In June, Franco and Elizabeth set their wedding date in November. Franco asked Drew to be his best man to which he gladly accepted, as they finally rekindled their friendship for the first time since they were toddlers, much to Elizabeth's joy. Elizabeth and Franco with the boys On Valentine's dayElizabeth visits Franco in jail due to being the accused murderer of Ryan Chamberlains victims.

She tells him she is tired of waiting to get married and that she wants to do it right there and right now. They say their vows and have Drew Cain ordain the "ceremony. Stole her grandmother's car and drove it without a license [Aug ] Stole the invitation to Brenda Barrett and Sonny Corinthos ' wedding that was meant for Ruby Anderson [Sep 19, ] Stole Sarah Webber 's lucky pen and planted it in the tears lounge; stole test answers and planted them in Sarah's backpack so it would look like her sister had stolen the answers [Oct 1, ] Put a box of condoms in Nikolas Cassadine 's sweater for Sarah to find [Oct 29, ] Created a diversion so Lucky wouldn't get caught in Dara Jensen's office [Apr 21, ] Broke into Mr.

Liesl Obrecht [Mar-Apr ] Accidentally shot in the shoulder by Liesl Obrecht when Liesl and Nikolas were struggling for a gun [Apr 8, ] Accidentally had her wrist grabbed by Drew Cain aka Jake he was having a bad dream and she tried to wake him [Nov 25, ]. It says it on the art gallery flyer that Liz is holding. On the July 16,her year was listed as Mentioned at minute Clip reveals that Jeff and his family were still living in Carson City in Jeff moved to Carson City in with Carolyn and Steven Lars.

Have it your way. Yes, I'd like to report trespassers on my property.

Rebecca Herbst during 2nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Outside Arrivals at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, New York, United States. Rebecca Herbst General Hospital - APRIL 12, Michael Saucedo, Rebecca Herbst, Jacob Young, Coltin Scott, Amber Tamblyn Herbst joined GH in the role of Dr. Jeff Webber's (Richard Dean Anderson) daughter in She quickly became a fan favorite in storylines like the young adult romance between Liz and Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) and has remained popular with storylines like the recent twist involving the nurse and Billy Miller's Jason Morgan Jan 11, - This Pin was discovered by Templar Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest

No, nobody's in danger No, I don't think the offenders are violent. House number Retrieved on March 10, Retrieved on March 11, Retrieved on January 21, Archived from the original on June 11, Soap Opera ate. February 14, Retrieved on January 26, Retrieved on January 20, Retrieved on March 1, Retrieved on June 14, Retrieved on March 2, Confidential Media, Inc. SAY Media. Retrieved on July 7, Soap Opera Digest American Media, Inc. Soap Opera Weekly. com, General Hospital Character Bios, Elizabeth Webber.

No, there's not. People with this Rh-null blood can only receive RH-null blood, not even regular O-neg will cut it, all right? We need to get her to the hospital now. Categories :. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

Fan Feed 0 Brook Lynn Quartermaine Amanda Setton 1 Zander Smith Chad Brannon 2 Cameron Webber William Lipton. Universal Conquest Wiki. This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia view authors.

Rebecca Herbst Martha Madison temp; Jun August 1, on GH. Wendy Ri on GH Jill Farren Phelps on NS. The Secret Life.

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GH: Night Shift. Uma Thurman [1] Elizabeth Webber Lansing [2]. Liz Lizzie Biz by Terry Fair Elizabeth, The Maternal One by Spinelli Gopher, Angel by Franco The Real Heart of General Hospital by Epiphany.

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NovemberRevised to November 1, [4] Carson City, Nevada [5]. Surgical nurse at GH. The Brownstone Elm Street, 12 [6] [7] Port Charles, New York. Relationships Family BaldwinMooreHardyWebber. Jeff and Carolyn [8] Webber Audrey Hardy guardian. Steve Webber Hayden Barnes paternal half Sarah Webber full. Ric Lansing ; divorced ; divorced Lucky Spencer ; divorced ; divorced Franco Baldwin deceased ; widowed.

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Terry Randolph kissed; s Lucky Spencer dated, s; lovers, s lovers, engaged; Zander Smith ONS,; deceased Jason Morgan dated, ; ONS, lovers, ; engaged, Ric Lansing lovers, ; lovers, Nikolas Cassadine affair, ; kissed, Matt Hunter flirtation, kissed; Ewen Keenan dated, ; deceased A. Quartermaine lovers, ; deceased Drew Cain lovers, engaged, ; as "Jake" Franco Baldwin lovers; ; engaged, ; deceased. Baby Lansing with Ric ; miscarriage Cameron Webber with Zander [9] Baby Webber-Jacks donated egg to and carried for Jax and Courtney ; miscarriage Jake Webber with Jason [10] Aiden Spencer with Lucky.

Steve Hardy Helene Webber both deceased Audrey Hardy step Lars Webber legal; deceased paternal Martin maternal; deceased. Tom Hardy adoptive Rick Webber deceased Terri Webber paternal. Violet Finn via Hayden. Tommy Hardy adoptive Laura Webber adoptive Mike Webber adoptive Rick Webber, Jr.

paternal cousins. Lyle Hardy. Bernice Hardy. Helene Webber. Jeff Webber. Carolyn Webber. Zander Smith. Elizabeth Webber. Jason Morgan. Lucky Spencer. Cameron Webber. Jake Spencer. Aiden Spencer. Curtis Ashford Jordan Ashford Peter August Ava Cassadine Nikolas Cassadine Harrison Chase Laura Collins Brando Corbin Carly Corinthos Michael Corinthos Sonny Corinthos Alexis Davis Anna Devane Dante Falconeri Dr. Hamilton Finn Sasha Gilmore Jr Jacks Josslyn Jacks Maxie Jones Sam McCall Jason Morgan Brook Lynn Quartermaine Nina Reeves Dr.

Portia Robinson Trina Robinson Willow Tait Nurse Elizabeth Webber-Baldwin.

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Ashford Jennifer Arden Scott Baldwin Brick Valentin Cassadine Lenny Caulfield Nurse Phyllis Caulfield Dr. Ryan Chamberlain Gregory Chase Lucy Coe Dr. Kevin Collins Brad Cooper Gladys Corbin Kristina Corinthos-Davis Elijah Crowe Nurse Amy Driscoll Nurse Felix DuBois Ralph Finchley Max Giambetti Milo Giambetti Dr.

Anita Green Florence Grey Martin Grey Stella Henry Nurse Epiphany Johnson Dr. Lucas Jones Molly Lansing-Davis Judge Ral Lasser Judge Richard Lowe Diane Miller Dr. Liesl Obrecht Dr. Monica Quartermaine Ned Quartermaine Olivia Quartermaine Tracy Quartermaine Dr. Terry Randolph Cyrus Renault Tony Robinson Felicia Scorpio Mac Scorpio Robert Scorpio Nurse Deanna Sirtis Nurse Bobbie Spencer Valerie Spencer Damian Spinelli Marcus Taggert Jackie Templeton Cameron Webber Dr.

Britt Westbourne. Scout Cain Charlotte Cassadine Spencer Cassadine Donna Corinthos Leo Falconeri Rocco Falconeri Violet Finn Avery Jerome-Corinthos Danny Morgan Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos Aiden Spencer Jake Spencer Georgie Spinelli James West.

Benny Abrahms Bernie Abrahms Dr. Ral Adair Diego Alcazar Lorenzo Alcazar Luis Alcazar Sage Alcazar Ruby Anderson Dr.

Andy Arr Hank Arr Dominique Baldwin Franco Baldwin Dr. Gail Baldwin Lee Baldwin Cooper Barrett Harlan Barrett Alison Barrington Amanda Barrington Elizabeth Barrington Kiefer Bauer Jesse Beaudry Katherine Bell Nelle Benson-Jerome Virginia Benson Nurse Jessie Brewer Dr. Phil Brewer D. Brock Dr. Neil Byrne Drew Cain Helena Cassadine Irina Cassadine Kristina Cassadine Mikkos Cassadine Petros Cassadine Stavros Cassadine Stefan Cassadine Tony Cassadine Victor Cassadine Stone Cates Dev Cerci Melanie Chamberlain Dr.

Silas Clay Stephen Clay Eddie Coe Victor Collins Ray Conway Wiley Cooper-Jones Mike Corbin Lily Corinthos Morgan Corinthos Dr. Alex Devane Dr. Ian Devlin Ronnie Dimestico Sean Donely Dr. Pierce Dorman John Durant Beatrice Eckert Bill Eckert Nancy Eckert Cesar Faison Connie Falconeri Andrea Floyd Dr. Russell Ford Alice Grant Brent Green David Grey Gordon Grey Summer Halloway David Hamilton Dr.

Steve Hardy Peter Harrell, Sr. Jones Georgie Jones Tania Jones Dr. Tony Jones Dr. Ewen Keenan Dr. Warren Kirk Rafe Kovich, Jr. Eve Lambert Trevor Lansing Duke Lavery Beatrice LeSeur Dr. Cameron Lewis Victor Lord III Hope Manning-Thornhart Nurse Lucille March-Weeks Reese Marshall Courtney Matthews Emily Matthews-Morgan Dr. Matthew Mayes Cody McCall Danny McCall Lila McCall Angus McKay Sybil McTavish Nurse Leyla Mir Trey Mitll Susan Moore Chloe Morgan Henry Nakamura Peggy Nelson Oscar Nero-Quartermaine Dr.

Lisa Niles Johnny O'Brien Raj Patel Dustin Phillips Eddie Phillips A. Quartermaine Dr. Alan Quartermaine Alexandria Quartermaine Betsy Quartermaine Edward Quartermaine Dr. Emily Quartermaine Herbert Quartermaine Lila Quartermaine Quentin Quartermaine Amelia Ramirez Mariah Ramirez Madeline Reeves Carlos Rivera Hernando Rivera Faith Rosco Nurse Sabrina Santiago Joe Scully Damian Smith Frank Smith Zander Smith Joseph Sorel Siobhan Spencer ryl Stansbury Nurse Diana Taylor Dr.

Peter Taylor Nurse Amy Vining Reverend Dr. Bradley Ward Justus Ward Mary Mae Ward Dr. Rick Webber Nathan West Dr. Karen Wexler Dawn Winthrop Dr. Maggie Wurth Anthony Zacchara Claudia Zacchara-Corinthos. Lila Rae Alcazar Dr. Grant Andrews Terri Arnett Larry Ashton Christina Baldwin Serena Baldwin Dr. Tom Baldwin Alec Barrett Brenda Barrett Julia Barrett Derek Barrington Hayden Barnes Claudette Beaulieu Dr. David Bensch Ginny Blake Nora Buchanan Shawn Butler Dr. Arthur Cabot Florence Campbell Gia Campbell Jagger Cates Edward Caldwell Carmine Cerullo Gloria Cerullo Lois Cerullo Skye Chandler-Quartermaine Judge Amber Chau Dr.

Linda Chu Nurse Judy Clampett Angie Collins Nurse Jolene Crowell Nurse Nadine Crowell Dr. Rae Cummings Marco Dane Howie Dawson Margaux Dawson Tea Delgado Roy DiLucca Tiffany Donely Dr. Noah Drake Dr. Patrick Drake t Driscoll Toussaint Dubois Jenny Eckert Sly Eckert Angel Ellis John Everett Nurse Iris Fairchild Pres Floyd Parker Forsyth Nurse Betsy Frank Marcus Godfrey Yvonne Godfrey Alice Gunderson Nurse Audrey Hardy Dr.

Simone Hardy Dr. Tom Hardy Dr. Tommy Hardy Nurse Jane Harland Jimmy Lee Holt Paul Hornsby Dr. Matt Hunter Hutch Hutchins Jerry Jacks Miranda Jameson Reginald Jennings Olivia Jerome Claudia Johnston-Phillips Frisco Jones Dr. Leo Julian Rose Kelly Ric Lansing Dr. Kelly Lee Winifred Leeds Guy Lewis Carol Lockhart Janice Lomax Ethan Lovett Huxley Lynch Dr. Andre Maddox Starr Manning Todd Manning Nurse Rosalie Martinez Dr.

Griffin Munro Dr. Kim Nero Delores Padilla Blackie Parrish Paloma Perez Bryan Phillips Grant Putnam Celia Quartermaine Dillon Quartermaine Burt Ramsey Coleman Ratcliffe Guy Richardson Dr. Joe Rivera Teddy Rivera Cruz Rodriguez Casey Rogers Aaron Roland Dan Rooney Winston Rudge Father Mateo Ruiz Delia Ryan Coleridge Juan Santiago Emma Scorpio-Drake Dr.

Robin Scorpio-Drake Hannah Scott Jeffrey Scribner Rebecca Shaw Charlene Simpson Jennifer Smith Lucky Spencer Luke Spencer Lulu Spencer Miriam Spinelli Suzanne Stanwyck Nurse Mischa Stephens Holly Sutton Nurse Regina Thompson Ellie Trout Dusty Walker Claire Walsh Judge David Walters Faith Ward Keesha Ward Dr.

Maya Ward Rupert Watson Heather Webber Dr. Jeff Webber Dr. Lesley Webber Mike Webber Rick Webber, Jr. Sarah Webber Dr. Steve Webber Rhonda Wexler Mitch Williams Dr. Lainey Winters Prunella Witherspoon Grace Yang Johnny Zacchara. Dan O'Connor Head writer, present Frank Valentini Executive producer, present Chris Van Etten Head writer, present. Shelly Altman Head writer,Ron Carlivati Head writer, Jill Farren Phelps Executive producer, Robert Guza, Jr. Head writer,H. Wesley Kenney Executive producer, ; Head writer, Gloria Monty Executive producer,; Head writer, Jean Passanante Head writer, Wendy Ri Executive producer, Garin Wolf Head writer, List of cast members List of current actors History of General Hospital.

Andy Arr Dr. Saira Batra Jagger Cates Jolene Crowell Dr. RebeccaHerbst RebeccaLHerbst on Twitter - The latest from RebeccaHerbst RebeccaLHerbst. Wife, Mommy ofBELIEVER, actress, designer and always grateful. The Liberty Strong Series muse. Rebecca Herbst Daytime Confidential - Rebecca Herbst's husband Michael Saucedo is returning to General Hospital as Juan Santiago.

Soap Opera Digest has confirmed the casting. READ MORE. Rebecca Herbst - - Rebecca Herbst, Actress: General Hospital. Becky has been in over 60 national commercials. She has been many TV shows including "Highway to Heaven," Rebecca Herbst - Soap Talk - Oct - YouTube - Jan 21, Becky Herbst's Soap Talk appearance from October with her husband, Michael Saucedo, and their two kids.

Rebecca Herbst Online Facebook - Rebecca Herbst Online. Hollywood, CA Rebecca Herbst Bio Soap Opera Digest - A California native, Rebecca Herbst became intrigued with acting when her older sister, Jennifer, appeared in a children's exercise video for Disney.

The video's Rebecca Herbst - - Get the latest Rebecca Herbst News, Bio, Photos, Credits and More for Rebecca Herbst on TVGuide.

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Rebecca Herbst - Soap Opera Central - Becky and her many animals live with her family near Los Angeles. In JuneHerbst married former co-star Michael Saucedo ex-Juan.

The pair welcomed Elizabeth Webber Rebecca Herbst - General Hospital Wiki - Nurse Elizabeth Imogene Webber, RN formerly Lansing and Spencer is a fictional character on

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