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Shauna Japanese: ? Sana is a friend and rival of the player in Pokemon X and Y. Shauna appears in Pokemon X and Y as a friend of the player. Shauna is energetic and curious about her friends' progress in their travels, though she lacks a clear goal herself. She also enjoys solving puzzles, and is a friend of Clemont and Bonnie. After the player becomes the Champion , she will trade the player the unevolved form of her starter Pokemon in exchange for any Pokemon owned by the player.

On the last day of the Pokemon Summer Camp, the teams were to pair up and participate in a battle tournament. This pleased Tierno, Shauna and Trevor, since they have been known to battle together and make combination attacks.

For a practice, Ash battled Serena a bit, while Shauna and Bonnie noticed Serena has a talent to become a good Pokemon Performer.

Before the tournament began, Team Squirtle came to the cooks - who were the Team Rocket Trio - and were told they needed to hand over their Pokemon for health inspection at the Pokemon Center. Tierno gave his SquirtleShauna her Bulbasaur and Trevor his Charmander. After some time, Team Squirtle visited the Pokemon Center and were shocked to hear the cooks did not give her the Pokemon.

The heroes joined Team Squirtle in finding the missing Pokemon.

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They found the cooks and Ash's Pikachu removed the table cloth, revealing Team Squirtle's Pokemon had been captured and bound by Leech Seed. Team Rocket removed their disguises and attacked with James ' Inkay and Jessie 's Pumpkaboo. Clemont's Bunnelby used Digdistracting Team Rocket and allowing Froakie to free the Pokemon by using Cut on the vines.

Later on, Team Squirtle faced Team Froakie in a three-on-three battle. Shauna had used Bulbasaur in the battle with Tierno's Squirtle and Trevor's Charmander. When Serena's Fennekin was defeated, Clemont and Ash worked together and defeated Tierno, Shauna and Trevor. Despite the loss, Shauna knew they all gave their best.

  Shauna is Serena's friend and hangs out with her before the Showcases. Biography. Shauna and her friends, Trevor and Tierno, met at Professor Sycamore's lab, where Shauna chose a Bulbasaur for her starter Pokemon. Shauna bid her friends farewell, though they tended to meet each other in certain places. She also made some PokeVision videos during her travels

The following day, Shauna went off, bidding farewell to his friends. Shauna met up with the heroes in Lagoon Townas they watd the Showcase together.

Shauna explained the heroes the concept of the Showcase, then left for training. Shauna came to Coumarine City 's Showcase with her evolved Ivysaur. Shauna promised Serena luck, as Shauna came to the first performance with "Jessilline" and a Performer named Alouette. Shauna decorated her Ivysaur with flowers and some make-up in the first round and won, though was shocked to see Serena's Fennekin tripped over the decorations Serena placed. Shauna made it into the second round, as she sent her Flabebe to dance, who used Fairy Wind.

This also caused the majority of the audience to vote for Shauna, who won her first Princess Key. The heroes watd Monsieur Pierre announcing Shauna as the winner of the Coumarine City Showcase on television, expecting great things from her.

Bonnie also commented that Shauna would become famous. While Team Rocket was fishing, Jessie was angry that Shauna won the Showcase instead of her. Shauna came to Anistar City to register for the Showcase and met up with Tierno, as well as the heroes. Shauna showed her Bulbasaur evolved into an Ivysaur. Learning Serena had caught an EeveeShauna remembered Eevee can evolve into many forms, allowing Serena to imagine many possibilities.

Shauna also noticed Serena likes Ash a bit. Serena, however, was worried about Eevee, who was still too shy and had an idea; she teamed up with Shauna to battle Ash and Tierno in a Tag Battle.

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Shauna had Ivysaur attack Blastoise, although it missed and got hit by Pikachu's Iron Tail. Before the battle could continue, Serena canceled the battle, as she had an idea for Eevee to improve its performances.

The following day, everyone rushed out of the Pokemon Center, for Shauna and Serena had to register for the Anistar City's Showcase. Moments later, Shauna and Serena succeeded in registering for the Showcase. While Serena and Shauna were preparing for the first round, they were approad by Niniwho was also going to participate in the Showcase. Nini recognized Shauna, who used to make the PokeVision videos and was glad to meet another rival.

After Serena passed her round, Shauna came to the stage and, due to the rules, had her Ivysaur collect some berries for Shauna to answer the questions. Shauna passed the first round and started performing in the second round with her Ivysaur and Flabebe.

  Shauna may refer to: Games. Shauna (Kalos) - a character from the Kalos region appearing in Pokemon X and Y. Anime. Shauna (Hoenn) - a character from the Hoenn region appearing in Pokemon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire; Shauna (anime) - an anime variant of the character from the Kalos region appearing in Pokemon the Series: XY and XYZ; Manga   Shauna and Meditite quickly took over the control of the battle, but suddenly Ash came up with an idea, and told Pikachu to imagine that Meditite was a wave. Using this strategy, Pikachu was able to avoid Meditite's attacks and then use Thunderbolt to defeat Meditite. According to Brawly, Shauna has trained with Meditite ever since she was a child. Meditite's known moves are Meditate, High Hometown: Dewford Town I've been playing Pokemon X and thought what Shauna said to the MC when they returned the rich guy's Furfrou was really sweet pokemon #pokemon fanart #pokemon x #pokemon shauna. 2 notes. sylvie

However, Serena won the Showcase instead and Shauna congratulated her. At the end of the day, Shauna and Tierno were called by Trevor, who reported he lost his stuff when he was taking pictures of other Pokemon. Tierno and Shauna rushed off, bidding the heroes farewell. Serena, after winning her third Princess Key, contacted Shauna. Shauna congratulated Serena and reminded herself to practice more combinations for the Master Class.

Serena felt nervous she'd face Aria, but Shauna told Serena it was what all Performers would do. Serena was called away and logged off of the video link. Shauna came with her rivals - MietteNini and Serena - to Glorio City, where the Master Class Tournament was being held. Before participating, Shauna saw Serena building up the team spirit of her Pokemon and promised not to fall behind.

After Serena won the first round, Shauna hugged Serena for the victory and left, since it was time for Shauna to perform. My Art Pokemon Pokemon Bianca Pokemon Shauna Gay Girlfriends.

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Source: caffeinatedcapi. pokemon pokemon fanart pokemon x pokemon shauna. Best friend headcanons for Shauna. pokemon pokemon imagines pokemon xy pokemon x and y pokemon shauna mod sylveon. my art pokemon pokemon xy pokemon lysandre pokemon shauna lysandre shauna skets I'm doing a Y nuzlocke to get back into traditional art and omg I love this game so much. pokemon xy tierno boutiqueshipping pokemon shauna pokemon trevor im just gonna shut up in the tags so :x.

pokemon pokemon serena pokemon shauna pokemon x and y. sylveonnesmuses asked:.

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Unnamed Island. ORAS Special Demo Version.

Thick Fat. Vital Throw. Force Palm. Arm Thrust. Smelling Salts.

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Sprite from Generation III. Overworld sprite from Generation III. VS portrait from Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. This article is missing information on this character's English voice actor.

You can help by adding this information. Meditite is Shauna's only known Pokemon. It first appeared in a battle against Ash and his Pikachu.

Pokemon shauna ass

It started off with Focus Punch, which Pikachu dodged. Pikachu then tried to attack, but Meditite avoided the hit with Detect. In the middle of the battle, Brawly appeared, and Meditite was recalled.

According to Brawly, Shauna has trained with Meditite ever since she was a child. Yuji Ueda. Language Voice actor Japanese. Brazilian Portuguese. Latin America. Similar to her English name in the games Same as her Japanese name Same as her English name in the anime.

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