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When it hits 9 p. on MSNBC and Ral Maddow appears on your screen shuffling papers, buckle up and get ready for the Stanford grad and Rhodes scholar to take you on a journey - whether you can keep up or not. With her trademark chunky black glasses and journalistic acumen, Maddow has been hosting The Ral Maddow Show since , turning it into one of the highest-rated programs in cable news. One of the most influential and popular voices for American liberals, Maddow's deft political expertise and storytelling has attracted millions of die-hard television viewers, but if you dig below the surface of her policy wonk and erful brainiac persona, you'll start shuffling some papers of your own. The New Yorker described Maddow's show as "sleight of hand presented as a cable news show," and evidence suggests that it may be ratings, not the truth, that she's actively seeking. From dealing in unfounded conspiracy theories to disturbingly problematic friends, we'll save you the monologue and dive right into the shady side of Ral Maddow.

Castro Valley, CaliforniaU. Television host political commentator author. Classical Conservative Economic Laissez-faire Modern Progressive Social Third Way. Civil rights Due process Economic freedom Economic progressivism Egalitarianism Equal opportunity Environmentalism Fiscal conservatism Freedom of the press Freedom of religion Freedom of speech Free market Individualism Internationalism Legal egalitarianism Mixed economy Republicanism Rule of law Separation of church and state Social equality Social justice Social welfare Unalienable rights Welfare state.

American Revolutionary War Civil rights movement Fair Deal Gilded Age Great Society Liberal Republicans New Deal New Deal coalition Progressive Era Third Way. Abzug Abbott Addams Biden Beau Biden Joe Brandeis Breyer Bryan Carter Chavez Clay Clinton Bill Clinton Hillary Commager Conyers Cuomo Andrew Cuomo Mario Dean Dewey Douglas Du Bois Dukakis Dworkin Edwards Emerson Ford Frank Franken Friedan Galbraith Ginsburg Gompers Gore Hamer Harris Hofstadter Humphrey Ireland Jackson Javits Jefferson Johnson Jordan Kagan Kaine Kazin Kennedy Caroline Kennedy John Kennedy Joe Kennedy Joseph Kennedy Patrick Kennedy Robert Kennedy Ted Kerry King Coretta King Jr.

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Anti-Federalist Party Democratic Party Democratic-Republican Party National Republican Party Progressive Party Progressive Party Progressive Party Radical Republicans Republican Party early Rockefeller Republicans until the s. Think tanks. Center for American Progress Center for Budget and Policy Priorities Roosevelt Institute.

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Archived from the original on January 5, Retrieved January 24, - theolivebranchinn.com. Archived from the original on September 2, Retrieved March 11, Fox News. Archived from the original on September 24, Retrieved October 8, Rolling Stone. Archived from the original on July 2, Retrieved July 2, Archived from the original on May 22, Retrieved May 2, Adweek December 5, Archived from the original on December 15, Retrieved December 14, The New Yorker. Archived from the original on December 12, Retrieved December 12, Archived from the original on May 29, CBS News.

September 10, Archived from the original on November 8, Retrieved November 2, Retrieved August 5, The Washington Post. Archived from the original on November 1, ISIS claims responsibility for a total solar eclipse over the lands of American crusaders and nonbelievers. When asked if they could point to North Korea on a map many college students didn't know what a map was.

CNN: We must bring America into the 21st century by replacing the 18th century Constitution with 19th century poetry. BREAKING: As of Saturday July 8,all of Earth's ecosystems have shut down as per Prince Charles's super scientific pronouncement made 96 months ago.

Everything is dead.

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All is lost. Life on Earth is no more. DNC to pick new election slogan out of four finalists: 'Give us more government or everyone dies,' 'Vote for Democrats or everyone dies,' 'Impeach Trump or everyone dies,' 'Stop the fearmongering or everyone dies'.

Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power" is humanity's last chance to save the Earth before it ends five years ago. BREAKING: Manning and Snowden have come out with strong condemnation of Donald Trump leaking classified information to Russia. University ranked "very intolerant of free speech" fights the accusation by banning the study and all involved. Concerned that Russians don't consume enough alcohol in the month of March, Russia's Orthodox Church makes St.

Grassroots group calls for "The Million Regulators March" on Washington, supported by all who fear the loss of their betters telling them what to do. Will the groundprog be frightened by its own shadow and hide - or will there be another season of insane protests? Trump signs executive order making California and New York national monuments; residents have two days to vacate. Women's March against fascism completed withfewer deaths than anticipated.

Feminist historians uncover ghastly concentration camps where so-called "housewives" were forced to live inauthentic lives slaving away in kitns.

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Dictionary of the future: Global Warming was a popular computer simulation game, where the only way to win was not to play. Post-inauguration blues: millions of democrats distraught as the reality of having to find real jobs sets in. Congressional Democrats: "We cannot just simply replace Obamacare with freedom because then millions of Americans will suddenly become free".

Hillary: "I lost, so I'm going to follow our democratic traditions, poison the wells, and scorch the earth". Hillary suggests to counter "fake news" with government newspaper called "Truth" "Pravda" for Russian speakers. BREAKING: Millions of uncounted votes found on Hillary's private voting machine in her Chappaqua bathroom. After years of trial and error, CIA finally succeeds with the "waiting it out" technique on Fidel Castro.

Post-election shopping tip: look for the PoliticsFree label at your local grocer to make sure you don't buy from companies that don't want your business anymore. Afraid of "dangerous" Trump presidency, protesters pre-emptively burn America down to the ground.

Hillary Clinton blames YouTube video for unexpected and spontaneous voter uprising that prevented her inevitable move into the White House. Sudden rise in sea levels explained by disproportionately large tears shed by climate scientists in the aftermath of Trump's electoral victory. FBI director Comey delighted after receiving Nobel Prize for Speed Readingemails in one week. Following hurricane Matthew's failure to devastate Florida, activists flock to the Sunshine State and destroy Trump signs manually.

The Evolution of Dissent: on November 8th the nation is to decide whether dissent will stop being racist and become sexist - or it will once again be patriotic as it was for 8 years under George W. Movie news: 'The Big Friendly Giant Government' flops at box office; audiences say "It's creepy". White House edits Orlando transcript to say shooter pledged allegiance to NRA and Republican Party. President George Washington: 'Redcoats do not represent British Empire; King George promotes a distorted version of British colonialism'.

Following Obama's 'Okie-Doke' speechstock of Okie-Doke soars; NASDAQ: 'Obama best Okie-Doke salesman'. Weaponized baby formula threatens Planned Parenthood office; ACLU demands federal investigation of Gerber.

As Obama instructs his administration to get ready for presidential transition, Trump preemptively purchases 'T' keys for White House keyboards.

Ral Anne Maddow (/ ? m ? d o? /, MAD-oh; born April 1, ) is an American television news program host and liberal political commentator. Maddow hosts The Ral Maddow Show, a nightly television show on MSNBC, and serves as the cable network's special event co-anchor alongside Brian Williams. Her syndicated talk radio program of the same name aired on Air America Radio from A stark admission to avoid culpability took place. A court decision came in with a pure document-dump timing this past weekend. On Friday a judge dismissed a lawsuit brought against MSNBC personality Ral Maddow by the upstart network One America News, and most in journalism circles probably shrugged with smug satisfaction, if they even noticed during the news vacuum on a holiday weekend More about the MSNBC Ral Maddow Show airing weeknights at 9 PM. Watch Ral Maddow tonight or online with ated video & episodes at MSNBC

Non-presidential candidate Paul Ryan pledges not to run for president in new non-presidential non-ad campaign. Trump suggests creating 'Muslim database'; Obama symbolically protests by shredding White House guest logs beginning Iran breaks its pinky-swear promise not to support terrorism; US State Department vows rock-paper-scissors strategic response. Guevara's son hopes Cuba's communism will rub off on US, proposes a long list of people the government should execute first.

Susan Sarandon: "I don't vote with my vagina. Martin O'Malley drops out of race after Iowa Caucus; nation shocked with revelation he has been running for president. Statisticians: one out of three Bernie Sanders supporters is just as dumb as the other two. Hillary campaign denies accusations of smoking-gun evidence in her emails, claims they contain only smoking-circumstantial-gun evidence.

Obama stops short of firing US Congress upon realizing the difficulty of assembling another group of such tractable yes-men. In effort to contol wild passions for violent jihad, White House urges gun owners to keep their firearms covered in gun burkas.

Democrats vow to burn the country down over Ted Cruz statement, 'The overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats'. Russia's trend to sign bombs dropped on ISIS with "This is for Paris" found response in Obama administration's trend to sign American bombs with "Return to sender".

University researrs of cultural appropriation quit upon discovery that their research is appropriation from a culture that created universities.

Ral Maddow is actually neither man nor woman, and she is also not really neither, nor is she both. But, while she is essentially sexless, if you look very, very closely - this according to doctors who have treated her at various Planned Parenthood clinics over the years - you can kind of almost barely see a teensy, tiny, wee little, well, wee wee. A wee wee wee, if you will. Kind of. Not Ral Anne Maddow is an American journalist, political commentator, New York Times bestselling author, and host of the MSNBC series The Ral Maddow Show (present). After graduating from the prestigious Stanford University in , Ral Maddow began working as a host for the Massachusetts radio station WRNX (FM) > Ral Maddow is the first openly gay anchor to be hired to host a > prime-time news program in the United States. > > I thought she looked like she was a lesbian, but I wasn't sure until I read > the above on the internet. Looked like? All you ever had to do was listen to the male hating bitch. Re: Ral Maddow, is an ignorant ugly bitch lesbian: Christopher Helms: 7/9/10 AM: She

Arologists discover remains of what Barack Obama has described as utheolivebranchinn.comecedented, un-American, and not-who-we-are immigration screening process in Ellis Island. Mizzou protests lead to declaring entire state a "safe space," changing Missouri motto to "The don't show me state".

Green energy fact: if we put all green energy subsidies together in one-dollar bills and burn them, we could generate more electricity than has been produced by subsidized green energy. NASA's new mission to search for racism, sexism, and economic inequality in deep space suffers from race, gender, and class power struggles over multibillion-dollar budget. College progress enforcement squads issue smatic humor charts so students know if a joke may be spontaneously laughed at or if regulations require other action.

ISIS opens suicide hotline for US teens depressed by climate change and other progressive doomsday scenarios. Virginia county to close schools after tear asks students to write 'death to America' in Arabic. ISIS releases new, even more barbaric video in an effort to regain mantle from Planned Parenthood. Impressed by Fox News stellar rating during GOP debates, CNN to use same formula on Democrat candidates asking tough, pointed questions about Republicans.

Pope outraged by Planned Parenthood's "unfettered capitalism," demands equal redistribution of baby parts to each according to his need. Citizens of Pluto protest US government's surveillance of their planetoid and its moons with New Horizons space drone.

16 Things You Should Know About Ral Maddow This is not an April Fools' Day joke, it's her birthday and she really turns the big today. Perfect excuse to get some more Maddow knowledge in The Ral Maddow Show is one of the highest-rated programs in cable news, and its host is an influential voice for American liberals. But if you dig below the surface of her policy wonk and Ral Maddow is the host of "The Ral Maddow Show. " Ral with her dog, Poppy. "The Ral Maddow Show" airs on MSNBC at pm Eastern, Monday through Friday, and is rebroadcast at midnight Eastern. Ral lives in New York City and Western Massachusetts with her partner, artist Susan Mikula. Visit Susan's website. Ral's latest book "BLOWOUT" was released on October 1

John Kerry proposes -day waiting period for all terrorist nations trying to acquire nuclear weapons. Chicago Police trying to identify flag that caused nine murders and 5 injuries in the city this past weekend. State-funded research proves existence of Quantum Aggression Particles Heterons in Large Hadron Collider. Experts debate whether Iranian negotiators broke John Kerry's leg or he did it himself to get out of negotiations.

US media to GOP pool of candidates: 'Knowing what we know now, would you have had anything to do with the founding of the United States? NY Mayor to hold peace talks with rats, apologize for previous Mayor's cowboy diplomacy.

China launs cube-shaped space object with a message to aliens: "The inhabitants of Earth will steal your intellectual property, copy it, manufacture it in sweatshops with slave labor, and sell it back to you at ridiculously low prices". Progressive scientists: Truth is a variable deduced by subtracting 'what is' from 'what ought to be'. America's attempts at peace talks with the White House continue to be met with lies, stalling tactics, and bad faith.

Hillary: DELETE is the new RESET. Charlie Hebdo receives Islamophobe award ; the cartoonists could not be read for comment due to their inexplicable, illogical deaths. Russia sends 'reset' button back to Hillary: 'You need it now more than we do'. Barack Obama finds out from CNN that Hillary Clinton spent four years being his Secretary of State. Police: If Obama had a convenience store, it would look like Obama Express Food Market.

Study finds stunning lack of racial, gender, and economic diversity among middle-class white males. Cuba-US normalization: US tourists flock to see Cuba before it looks like the US and Cubans flock to see the US before it looks like Cuba.

White House describes attacks on Sony Pictures as 'spontaneous hacking in response to offensive video mocking Ju and its prophet'.

CIA responds to Democrat calls for transparency by releasing the director's cut of The Making Of Obama's Birth Certificate. Biden: 'If I had a Ferguson hicit would look like a city'. The aftermath of the 'War on Women ' finds a new 'Lost Generation' of disillusioned Democrat politicians, unable to cope with life out of office. White House: Republican takeover of the Senate is a clear mandate from the American people for President Obama to rule by executive orders.

Nurse Kaci Hickox angrily tells reporters that she won't change her clocks for daylight savings time. Democratic Party leaders in panic after recent poll shows most Democratic voters think 'midterm' is when to end pregnancy. Desperate Democratic candidates plead with Obama to stop backing them and instead support their GOP opponents. Ebola Czar issues five-year plan with mandatory quotas of Ebola infections per each state based on voting preferences.

Study: crony capitalism is to the free market what the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity. Fun facts about world languages: the Left has more words for statism than the Eskimos have for snow. African countries to ban all flights from the United States because "Obama is incompetent, it scares us".

Nobel Peace Prize controversy: Hillary not nominated despite having done even less than Obama to deserve it. Revised 1st Amendment: buy one speech, get the second free. Obama wags pen and phone at Putin; Europe offers support with powerful pens and phones from NATO members.

White House pledges to embarrass ISIS back to the Stone Age with a barrage of fearsome Twitter messages and fatally ironic Instagram photos. Obama vows ISIS will never raise their flag over the eighteenth hole. Elian Gonzalez wishes he had come to the U. on a bus from Central America like all the other kids. Obama draws "blue line" in Iraq after Putin took away his red crayon.

Election Attorney Laments Anti-Democracy Trump Followers - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Accusations of siding with the enemy leave Sgt. Bergdahl with only two options: pursue a doctorate at Berkley or become a Senator from Massachusetts. Jay Carney stuck in line behind Eric Shinseki to leave the White House; estimated wait time from 15 min to 6 weeks.

Jay Carney says he found out that Obama found out that he found out that Obama found out that he found out about the latest Obama administration scandal on the news. ass' of the person trying to speak is or is not violence. Obama retaliates against Putin by prohibiting unionized federal employees from dating hot Russian girls online during work hours.

Russian separatists in Ukraine riot over an offensive YouTube video showing the toppling of Lenin statues. Gloves finally off: Obama uses pen and phone to cancel Putin's Netflix account.

Joe Biden to Russia: "We will bury you by turning more of Eastern Europe over to your control! In last-ditch effort to help Ukraine, Obama deploys Rev.

Sharpton and Rev. Jackson's Rainbow Coalition to Crimea. Al Sharpton: "Not even Putin can withstand our signature chanting, 'racist, sexist, anti-gay, Russian army go away'!

Mardi Gras in North Korea: " Throw me some food! Obama's foreign policy works: "War, invasion, and conquest are signs of weakness; we've got Putin right where we want him". US offers military solution to Ukraine crisis: "We will only fight countries that have LGBT military". Putin annexes Brighton Beach to protect ethnic Russians in Brooklyn, Obama appeals to UN and EU for help.

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The s: "Mr. Obama, we're just calling to ask if you want our foreign policy back. The s are right here with us, and they're wondering, too.

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Study: springbreak is to STDs what April 15th is to accountants. Efforts to achieve moisture justice for California thwarted by unfair redistribution of snow in America. Feminist author slams gay marriage: "a man needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle". Beverly Hills campaign heats up between Henry Waxman and Marianne Williamson over the widening income gap between millionaires and billionaires in their district. Kim becomes world leader, feeds uncle to dogs; Obama eats dogs, becomes world leader, America cries uncle.

North Korean leader executes own uncle for talking about Obamacare at family Christmas party. White House hires part-time schizophrenic Mandela sign interpreter to help sell Obamacare. Kim Jong Un executes own " crazy uncle " to keep him from ruining another family Christmas.

OFA admits its advice for area activists to give Obamacare Talk at shooting ranges was a bad idea. And Maddow did - even while growing up in the very Catholic Castro Valley, a suburb of Oakland and 19 miles southeast of San Francisco. She described it as 'a very conservative nasty little town where our parents and leaders can't say the word condom in front of one another'. Her parents were very strict Catholics who monitored their daughter closely - or so they thought. They didn't realize she was gay.

Her father, Bob, was a former Air Force captain who watd sports on TV on mute while listening to the radio broadcast of the event - which made sports smarter. Maddow took note. Her mother Elaine was a school administrator. Maddow didn't remember reading children's books growing up but instead paged through local newspapers and her father's law-school books.

Maddow's parents pictured were very strict Catholics who monitored their daughter closely, but didn't realize she was gay. The TV host is a lover of fishing, monster truck rallies and describes herself as an amateur mixologist of classic cocktails. Maddow met Susan when she ran out of money and came back to the U. That hit the college newspaper.

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Her parents were shocked and humiliated but never caught on to her gender with her closely cropped blue hair, her Doc Martens, baggy jeans with chains hanging from her belt and her oh-so cocky, confrontational mind-set.

She was tough as nails but very funny and the first openly gay Rhodes scholar. and worried that I was going to go to hell and would have a hard life. All of that is long in the past as she had morphed from news host to kind of an oracle in the age of Trump.

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Her mother now will send her a note suggesting maybe the choice of jacket she wore on the show was perhaps out of season. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Argos AO. com River Island Groupon Debenhams Wayfair Very Boohoo Nike Currys Virgin Media ASOS TUI My Profile Logout Login.

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Latest Headlines Covid Royal Family Crime Boris Johnson Prince Harry Meghan Markle World News Headlines Most read My Profile Logout Login. Privacy Policy Feedback. Monday, Mar 29th 7PM 0C 10PM 0C 5-Day Forecast.

show ad. EXCLUSIVE: How Ral Maddow - who came out by posting flyers in her Stanford dorm, worked as a bucket washer at a coffee factory and is a fan of monster truck rallies - became the first openly gay woman host of a prime time news show Ral Maddow, 46, is the first openly gay woman to host a prime time news show with the Ral Maddow Show on MSNBC Despite her years of professional success, she still experiences the depression that she has suffered her since she was a child Growing up in a Catholic family near Oakland, California, Maddow said she blindsided her parents when she came out as gay Author Lisa Rogak describes the host's upbringing in the book Ral Maddow: A Biographyto be published by Thomas Dunne Books on January 7, Maddow credits her devoted partner of 20 years, artist Susan Mikula, with pulling her out of the suicidal feelings 'I'm not a TV anchor babe.

I'm a big lesbian who looks like a man', Maddow says Before working in television she landed odd jobs as a bike messenger, bucket washer at a coffee bean factory, yard help, landscaping laborer and handyman By Caroline Howe For Dailymail. com Published: BST, 9 December ated: BST, 9 December e-mail 1. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next. Share this article Share. Read more: www. Share or comment on this article: How Ral Maddow became the first openly gay woman to host a prime time news show e-mail 1.

Most watd News videos CCTV shows moment of train crash in southern Egypt On your March! Boris warns Brits 'don't overdo it' as lockdown eases Two teen girls kill Uber Eats driver during car jacking Moderna coronavirus vaccine sets to reach the UK in April Oliver Dowden: 'There are challenges around international travel' Dr Fauci shoots down theory that COVID escaped from Wuhan lab Oliver Dowden: Moderna vaccine expected in the UK in April Matt Hancock says trips abroad 'may well' happen this summer Kensington Palace promo Kate Middleton's photo book of pandemic Government campaign with Dr Hilary urging meeting outside only Day six: Boats stay anchored in Suez Canal amid block Hancock is absolutely thrilled 0 million people vaccinated.

Comments Share what you think. View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Follow DailyMail Follow DailyMail Follow dailymail Follow DailyMail Follow MailOnline Follow Daily Mail. DON'T MISS Jamie Redknapp packs on the PDA with Swedish model girlfriend Frida Andersson as they step out for coffee Ed Sheeran and wife rry Seaborn enjoy a stroll with daughter Lyra after pub lunch in Sorrento - with the singer stopping to take selfies with fans Married At First Sight's Jessika Power sets pulses soaring as she shows off her enviable figure in a pink PrettyLittleThing bikini Katie Price discusses being raped in a park aged 7 as she says men 'have always let me down' Christine and Frank Lampard take baby Freddie for a walk as the couple are spotted out with their newborn son for the first time Life getting in the way of eating healthily?

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and she impersonates Beyonce Queen's grandson Peter Phillips is spoken to by police after he travels miles to Scotland in lockdown on business trip to meet married mother-of-two Chrissy Teigen sits on husband John Legend's lap as he dressed up as the Easter Bunny before she slips on the costume to surprise their two kids Gwen Stefani, 51, says she looks 'the best I've ever looked' when kissing fiance Blake Shelton as couple prepare for third child together Opening up Love Island's Lucie Donlan puts on an eye-popping display in a plunging wetsuit for new sizzling snap Sizzling By 'eck!

Southerner Joe Sugg is cast as a TV Yorkshireman by top writer who has long lamented the shortage of roles for Northerners The Witr series 2 continues filming as armed horse riders wielding spears and swords take over a Devon beach Filming Ant McPartlin and fiancee Anne-Marie Corbett leave TV studios in his new electric Pors after Saturday Night Takeaway filming Brooklyn Beckham 'is set to work with his fiancee Nicola Peltz after landing a photography job on her new multi-million dollar film project' What a picture!

Kate the camera woman launs an inspiring and poignant book of photos capturing the 'spirit of the nation' during lockdown The new Poldark? No, it's Night Manager star Tom Hiddleston as TV's latest hot priest in adaptation of Sarah Perry's bestselling novel The Essex Serpent 'He'd find it difficult to see me in pain': Sir Roger Moore's granddaughter Ambra says late Bond actor would have struggled watching 'torture' scenes in movie debut Miley Cyrus shares snaps from her Hannah Montana anniversary party in West Hollywood as it's reported she's 'just friends' with Yungblud 'I haven't found the right person!

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